Child of Light Aurora’s Companions Locations Guide

Child of Light pictures the story of a girl called Aurora who wake up to find herself in the mystic lands of Lumeria. While traversing through the lands of Lumeria, she finds out that Sun, Moon, and Stars have been stolen by the Black Queen.

Now, its up to Aurora to reunite with her duke father and overcome all the dangers that lie within. However, Aurora is not alone in all of her journey as she will be accompanied by many of the habitants of Lumeria.

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Child of Light Aurora’s Companions

The characters that will join you in your quest have individual Achievements/Trophies which are unlocked as these characters join hands with you.

This is unlocked as Rubella joins Aurora’s party. This Achievement/Trophy is story-related and cannot be missed.

Capilli Catch
This is unlocked as Finn joins Aurora’s party. Finn will meet you in Chapter #4 and you will be required to complete his side-quest Finn’s Plight. For more information on completing this side-quests, check out my Lemurian’s Requests.

Sweet Sister
This is unlocked as Norah joins Aurora’s party. This Achievement/Trophy is story-related and cannot be missed. It will be unlocked as soon as you meet her in Chapter #5.

Bolmus Bond
This is unlocked as Robert joins Aurora’s party. While in the Chapter #6, you need to meet Robert followed by completing Robert’s Plight side-quest to get this Achievement/Trophy. You can refer to my Lemurian’s Requests Guide for more information.

Kategida Kindred
This is unlocked as Oengus joins Aurora’s party. At the very start of Chapter #8, you will meet Oengus. After that, you need to complete Oengus’ Plight to earn this Achievement/Trophy.

Piscean Promise
This is unlocked as Gen joins Aurora’s party. At the start of Chapter #9, you will get to Piscean Village and a NPC will ask you to find her parents. Head straight and get inside the tower to solve a puzzle. Once you solve the puzzle, you will have to take out a boss.

After beating the boss, you will acquire the Gen’s Plight side-quest. Get back to Gen in Piscean Village and speak with Gen to earn this Achievement/Trophy.

This is unlocked as Tristis joins Aurora’s party. In order to unlock this, you need to start Chapter #7 and fly up from the large open area and you will come across a narrow space.

At the top of the cliff, you will get to Tristis. Speak with him and reunite him with his sister to complete Rubella’s Plight and earn this Achievement/Trophy.

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