Ryan Stefanelli: The Difference Between Project Scorpio 4K And PS4 Pro Checkerboard 4K Will Not Be Significant

There has been a lot of debate over the internet regarding the difference between the native 4K and checkerboard 4K since the announcement of Xbox One Scorpio and the release of PlayStation 4 Pro.

PS4 Pro implements the checkerboard 4K technique while Microsoft has been insistent that Xbox One Scorpio will run games at native 4K. Speaking with Gameingbolt, Ryan Stefanelli said that the difference between native 4K and checkerboard 4K will not be significant.

The difference is that the 4K rendered output will look very crisp and smooth while the checkerboard technique will not look as sharp when directly compared but this depends also on the quality and size of the screen/TV.

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He added that from a development point of view implementing checkerboard technique is relatively hard compared to native 4K.

From a development perspective the checkerboard technique is a bit harder to implement as it is a custom implementation while a native 4k resolution is just a higher frame output resolution. In our situation Unity takes care about it anyways.

Do you think it makes a difference playing game on native 4K or checkerboard 4K? Do developers need to target 4K just yet? Let us know in the comments.

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