Check Which PS4, PS3 Game Has a Platinum Trophy on This Website

This website tells you whether your PS4 game has a Platinum Trophy in it or not so that you know what to aim for right away.

While it might not matter to some, for others, bragging rights are a major reason that makes them play a game with the mindset of a completionist. For many PS4, PS3 and other PlayStation games, one way to do that is by unlocking the Platinum Trophy.

In case you have been on a hunt for those, there is this website that can make things easy for you. All you need to do is go to the Does It Have A Platinum website and enter the name of the game you are about to play. If the game has a Platinum Trophy, the website will let you know right away.

The Platinum Trophy is basically unlocked in some of the games after a player has successfully unlocked all other available trophies whether they are common, rare, very rare, or ultra rare. It is, in other words, a mark that you have juggled the game inside out.

For all the completionists out there, it would save a few extra minutes because you will be able to check the new PS4 (or any other Sony platform’s) game that you might have bought right away.

However, you could always check with SegmentNext for a complete list of in-game trophies too!

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