Check Out These Cool Mortal Kombat X Skin Mods

Mortal Kombat X was released a few month ago on consoles and PC, and it is among one of the most notable entries in the series. The console doesn’t have any mod support but PC users can download plenty of cool mods to customize their MKX experience.

Recently a new mod was spotted which allows you to turn Kenshi into Daredevil. It’s actually a texture replacement which changes the texture and color of Kenshi’s costume into trademark Daredevil red.

The mod isn’t hefty in size and can be download from here.

The next really cool thing is a Colossus skin mod for Jax. Don’t expect a complete model replacement though. Download link is available here and the mod is only 33MB is size.

Want to turn Sub-Zero into Deadpool? Well, you can thanks to a new mod that is available to download here and will require only 32MB of space. You can get a brief look at the mod via the video below.

Last but not the least there a Black Widow skin for Cassie Cage, download link is available here with a breif look at the skin mod below.

Find any one of these mods interesting? Share what you think in the comments.

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