Check Out The Playable Demo Level For Fan Made Half-Life 3

Fans of the Half-Life series have been asking Valve to release Half Life 3 for decades now. Although the official game development seems to be going nowhere right now, fans have taken upon themselves to make one. Denys Almaral, a 3D model designer, has made a “Half-Life 3 themed” playable demo level in Unreal Engine 4 and released it for public downloads.

A lot of fans have created several small sections of Half-Life 3 out of their own imaginations. All one needs to do is search “Half-Life 3 fan made__” and potentially dozens of fan-made projects will pop up, ranging all the way from playable levels to rendered cinematics.

Just yesterday, Denys Almaral, a 3D model designer who has taken the initiative to work on his own Half Life 3, released a small playable demo level created in Unreal Engine 4. The level features detailed lighting, shadows, environments, and physics. Almara has used a variety of different ready-made Unreal Engine 4 assets and combined them to create a playable level.

Almaral’s Half-Life 3 demo level is open for download, you can install and run it on your PC right now. But the Half-Life fan community asks for one thing in return: Feedback. Play around in the level, do different things, and give your feedback to the Almaral. Since Valve isn’t making Half-Life 3 right now, the best thing you can do is support the ones who are. You can download the playable demo level by Denys Almaral here.

Last year, Andrey Serebryakov did something similar and made the entire opening of the original Half Life in Unreal Engine 4, dubbed Project Lambda (Half-Life remake 2019). Although Project Lambda didn’t go anywhere promising, it did serve as some inspiration for other fan-made HL3 projects such as Boreal Alyph and Project Borealis.

Whether or not Almaral’s Half Life 3 project actually becomes HL3 fans deserve is yet to be seen. It is best to hang in tight, play the demo level meanwhile, and support the community behind it.