Check Out The Order 1886 Running On PC At 60FPS

The Order 1886, a PlayStation 4 exclusive released in early 2015, was recently showcased during SIGGRAPH 2015 presentation of Ready At Dawn.

The engine used to develop this title is a multiplatform engine, used to develop games for PlayStation 4 and PC. We have all seen The Order running on PS4 and it looked amazing, however, in the screens below, for the first time ever you can see The Order 1886 running on a PC at 60Fps.

Ready at Dawn listed the target platforms as PlayStation 4 and PC. This is in-line with their previous statement that The Order 1996 wouldn’t have been possible on any other platform.

Ready at Dawn used the script editor to implement real-time lighting, which they revealed during their presentation.

Just to highlight the basic building blocks of this system, here you can see our scripting editor and the game running on PC. You’ll notice there is a light set block listed for each shot in the sequence. It is enabled for that duration, and then disabled.

Live updates are provided by the script editor for the game and Ready at Dawn showed the game running with and without Volumetric Lighting.

VL off:

The Order 1886 3

VL on:

The Order 1886 4

VL off:

The Order 1886 5

VL on:

The Order 1886 6

Would you like to see The Order 1886 on PC?

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