Cheaters Have Already Invaded Fall Guys, Dev “Working On It”

Some players are using speed hacks to cheat and hack in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. Developer Mediatonic has promised a fix soon.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout was released just over a week ago and continues to reap great success. Unfortunately, that same success has now placed the online party game directly into the crosshairs of cheaters and hackers.

Since the weekend, players have been uploading footage to confirm that Fall Guys needs to have a better anti-cheat. The various clips on social media show some players using speed hacks to outrun everyone within seconds. The entire server barely makes it out of the starting area when that one speed-hacking player bursts their way to the end to win the competition.

Taking to Twitter on the weekend, developer Mediatonic acknowledged the problem and assured the fair-playing community that a fix is currently in the works. While no details were shared, it can be presumed that a near update will allow Fall Guys to detect players with lightning fast mobility and ban them. Either that or stop the players from tweaking their mobility stats entirely.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has already sold over 2 million copies on Steam. The new party twist to the battle royale formula makes it an incredibly fun and engaging game to play, especially with friends and family. It is unfortunate that some players out there want to cheat and hack even in a game like Fall Guys.

That being said, there will always be a hack or two for an online game. Hopefully, speed hacks are the only cheats that Mediatonic needs to address. Considering the number of mini-games in Fall Guys, there may be others to surface in the days to come.

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