You Can Cheat In Returnal…For Now

Returnal has been throwing a high difficulty ceiling at players for nearly a week now to an extent that players may as well be hoping to cheat their way forward. It surprisingly turns out that they actually can, at least for the time being.

Barely a few days after release, YouTuber TheRandomizer discovered that players can enable cheats in Returnal. They appear to have been accidentally left behind by the developer and can be used to toggle infinite health for example, spawn any weapon in the game, and even reset the stage while retaining all items.

Returnal is only available on PlayStation 5 and hence, accessing a console menu to enable cheat codes is not as normal as on PC. The discovered way involves plugging in a USB keyboard to a PS5. Following that, players have to press-and-hold buttons in various series to enable cheats in the game.

That being said, developer Housemarque is well aware of the situation. Returnal will likely be patched to remove the cheats once and for all. The game is incidentally receiving a patch later today but the developer has not confirmed if the said patch will be shutting out the cheat codes.

Either way, players can choose to keep their PS5 consoles offline in order to not patch their games. That way, they will be able to continue using cheat codes in Returnal for as long as they want, or at least until they do not accidentally download the new updates.

Housemarque recently acknowledged player-requests for having more save options during hour-long runs. The developer however has “nothing to announce” at the moment but is keenly listening to the community. Hence, there remains a small chance that the developer comes around to make it less frustrating for players to keep investing several hours before getting to save their progression.

The rogue-like shooter from Housemarque has proven to be an excellent change from the usual game releases. Returnal is now available exclusively on PlayStation 5.

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