Chapters in Half Life Alyx, How Many?

Now that Half Life Alyx is finally here, some people are wondering how many chapters the game has to see if they're getting value for their money.

Valve’s first-ever Half-Life VR game, Half Life Alyx, has finally released today, and is apparnetly very good. However, being a Triple-A VR game, some people might be wondering exactly how long it is to see how much content they’re getting for their money, and we have the answer here.

Most virtual reality games that have come out on the consoles are fairly short affairs that only last a few minutes or that don’t have a story to begin with, such as Beat Saber, though other Triple-A games now have VR versions. However, Alyx is unique in that it takes you on a full game’s worth of traveling through City 17.

There are specifically eleven chapters in Half Life Alyx, which while not as long as Half-Life 1, which had 18 chapters, it’s only a little bit shorter than Half-Life 2, which had 13 chapters. Each of Alyx’s chapter names can give you a good hint on where you’ll be going. The chapter are as follows:

* Entanglement
* The Quarantine Zone
* Is Or Will Be
* Superweapon
* The Northern Star
* Arms Race
* Jeff
* Captivity
* Revelations
* Breaking and Entering
* Point Extraction.

It’s not a bad length for a studio’s first VR title, and considering Half Life Alyx is getting good reviews from many reviewers it looks like there’s going to be plenty in the game itself to keep players entertained. With you able to interact with the world even more than in the original Half-Life, plus a new story that takes place before Half-Life 2, Alyx seems to be well worth the wait.

If you’ve been itching to play a new Half-Life game for years now (especially since the last one, Half-Life 2: Episode 2, released in 2007, 13 years ago) and have a VR headset, you can currently buy Alyx now on Steam and go through the first new story to come out of that universe in a long time.

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