Chaos Battle League Tips and Strategies Guide

In this Chaos Battle League Tips and Strategies Guide, we have some tips and tricks for how to play Chaos Battle League. Chaos Battle League is a tower defense game and you are pitted against other players from around the world to prove who the best is.

In this Chaos Battle League Strategies Guide, we have shared some valuable info and strategies for you so that easily understand different mechanics of the game.

Chaos Battle League Tips and Strategies Guide

Aim for a Balanced Deck

Your deck must be balance. We advise in all card battling game guides that your deck must be balanced. A balanced deck means a deck, which is able to counter any sorts of situation. It contains a card for tackling every situation you might possibly get into.

If you lack a certain area in your deck, your enemy can exploit that weakness and you will lose the game. Therefore, it is vital that you must build a balanced deck to use in combat. For example, most players only select rare cards and think they’re going to run over their opponents. But in reality, they’re just losing all of their energy and are left open for an attack.

Consider all the aspects such as cost of the card, combat effectiveness and rarity while building a deck. Therefore, your card deck must be balanced.

Know your Cards

Each card in Chaos Battle League is unique. What really sets the cards apart in Chaos Battle League is that every card is from another era or can even be a Legendary character. Meaning, each card possesses a specific skill, pros and cons and movesets. You must have detailed knowledge about each card if you really want to be good at this game. You must know how to use each card effectively.

First thing that you must know about the cards is that apart from the Troops, there are three main types of cards. Troops, buildings and spells, and mixing these cards helps in building a proper deck.

Troops are considered as the most basic cards in the game as their special abilities and stats define their effectiveness. These cards are your offense units and you will command them to attack your enemies.

Buildings are defensive and productive in nature. These cards are assigned for more than one job. You may come across them as some will be turrets while some will produce units after a certain time.

Last type of cards are the spells. Spells are one-time instant use offensive cards. Use them to deal maximum damage to enemy units or buildings. Just keep in mind that some spells may affect Troops more than they affect buildings or vice versa. Therefore, use the right spell and be careful when using spells on your target.

These are the three types of cards that you will use in the game. A part from the general information, you must have detailed information about the cards such as their armor, moving speed, amount of damage they deal and the terrain they cover. Such as air or ground or both. Therefore, you must have in-depth knowledge of all your cards if you want to build a perfect deck.

Experiment your Cards

Experimenting your cards is necessary if you want success in a battle. Keep mixing and matching cards and you’ll eventually find a suitable combination for you. Also, never back down if you don’t get your desired results and make sure you give the experiment some time.

If you’re a beginner then the best option for you is to set Tanky Troops in front, as Tanky Troops take a lot of damage and still have enough health points for your squishier Troops to attack from the back.


Just like any game, practice makes perfect. You must play the game and try out different elements of the game yourself. The more you play and explore the game; you will become better at it. Try out different cards and learn their special moves. Never settle with a deck. Always seek to improve by trying out new and better cards and putting different cards together to build the ultimate deck.

Get Free Cards

The game give you free cards via the TOASTR every couple of hours. When the TOASTR is ready, claim it and you will get free cards when it opens. Each TOASTR takes a certain amount of time to open which could be even hours. You must always have a TOASTR in the queue.

Therefore, you must never leave your queue empty so make sure that you check it often to put the next TOASTR in queue.

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