2K Sports Bringing In Big Changes For NBA 2K19, You Might Forget About the Last Game

When we talk about the most controversial games, we certainly can not leave aside NBA 2K18. When the game rolled out last year, among so many things that were appreciated about the game, there were a lot of things that really served in as a huge form of backlash. Although one of the major reason was, the addition of monetization and how the system worked, the game itself had a lot of issues. Now though according to 2K Sports, a lot of Changes In NBA 2K19 are being brought in.

It seems to be that this time, 2K Sports is bringing a lot of Changes In NBA 2K19. Looks like the devs have learned their lesson from the past, and they will be introducing a lot of new changes, in the game for the better.

In a recent interview, the gameplay director Mike Wang and gameplay producer Scott O’Gallagher of 2K Sports revealed few notable Changes In NBA 2K19.

  • New Takeover System
  • Collisions Have Been Improved, And Clipping Reduced
  • An Improved Stealing System
  • One vs. One Skill Improvements
  • Better Interior Defense
  • Better Shot Meters
  • Improved AI

If we nail down to one thing, we can perhaps safely say that the new takeover system, will perhaps be the biggest change in the game. Apart from that clipping was pretty big a problem in NBA 2K18. However now it seems like the clipping has been reduced at a significant level.

For those who have played NBA 2K18, would know that stealing in the game was a bit too idealistic, and somewhat unpredictable. However now the “steal system” will be improved, in NBA 2K19 zone system will judge the player’s vulnerability, to increase or decrease the chances of stealing.

As you may remember in NBA 2K18 the new motion system was introduced, which made it easier to surpass defender if the player moved with speed, which was pretty unrealistic, however now they will be making things more relevant.

Furthermore, the defense has also been improved in which the issue of missing lay-ups too has been addressed. In fact for the lay-ups, shot meters have also been added, so now each lay-up shall require precision.

Last but not the least, as always 2K Sports has promised once again that the AI, will be improved significantly.

With all that said, Take-Two Interactive has given confirmation that this time microtransactions will be more than fair compared to 2K18.

So what are your expectations for the game? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: gameinformer