How to Change Outfits in Scarlet Nexus

Saving the world as part of OSF in Scarlet Nexus doesn’t mean you can’t look fancy doing it. In this guide, we shall tell you how to change outfits and get new clothes in Scarlet Nexus for you and your teammates so that you can fulfill your duties with style!

How to Change Outfits in Scarlet Nexus

You would be excited to know that you can actually get more outfits for your characters in Scarlet Nexus and then you can choose to wear any of these costumes or equip them on your companions. But how do you get more outfits and how do you actually change them? Let’s look at the process below!

Changing outfits

To play around with and change the outfits you already have, you need to enter the visual tab where you will be able to find all the outfits and clothes you can wear in Scarlet Nexus. What you should know is that these only will be the ones you actually own.

To enter the Visual Tab (Clothes and Outfits Menu) you need to first of all enter the game’s main menu and from there you need to access the Equipment Tab. Once you are here you will see a Visual tab here. From the Visual tab you can access all the Outfits you own and try them on.

Getting More Costumes

You surely want your visual tab window to be filled with all the outfits you can get so that you can try them on and choose the one that looks best with your characters. In order to do this, you can choose two ways.

If you want all the available outfits all at once, then you need to purchase the Digital content of the game which will unlock all the outfits through the DLC file. The other way is much more organic, and you actually earn the outfits that way.

To get the outfits through the game mechanics, you need to keep your teammates happy and build strong bonds with them. To do this you need to occasionally send them gifts and use their abilities in the battle as much as you can.

Not only this, but as you play through the game, Bonding episodes will become available too which will solely focus on your bond with your teammates. Consequently, when your bond level reaches 3 3, the new outfits will appear in your visual tabs, not only for you but for your teammates too!