Certain Affinity’s New IP Is Reportedly A Monster Hunter-Inspired Game

Certain Affinity is working on Project Suerte, a multiplayer-focused game with large-scale battles that is inspired by Monster Hunter.

Having co-developed Halo Infinite and supported a number of other projects in the past decade, developer Certain Affinity is now helming on an all-new intellectual property.

According to a report by WindowsCentral earlier today, sources close to the matter have confirmed Certain Affinity to be working on something codenamed Project Suerte, presumably a triple-a multiplayer-focused game with large-scale battles that is heavily inspired by the Monster Hunter franchise.

Project Suerte is said to have been in development for around a couple of years. Certain Affinity is believed to make an official announcement in 2023 before releasing the game somewhere in 2024 for exclusive Xbox consoles.

In that vein, the developer has already started hiring for the unannounced project. Certain Affinity, for example, is currently seeking a senior graphics engineer with “development experience on Xbox consoles” for an unknown project.

Certain Affinity is looking for a Senior Graphics Engineer specifically with “development experience on Xbox consoles”.

Earlier in the year, Certain Affinity was reported to be working on a new game mode for Halo Infinite that could feature battle royale elements.

Last month, a leaked image fueled speculations that Warzone will be returning to Halo Infinite. The multiplayer mode was introduced in Halo 5: Guardians and pitted two teams of a dozen players against each other in a race to capture flags, take down bosses, and destroy core objectives.

Warzone is said to be receiving containment zones for Halo Infinite, which could be a little battle royale twist to the large-scale mode. That being said, there is also the chance that the mode is completely separate from the mode Certain Affinity has been working on for Halo Infinite.

It should be noted that Chinese game holding company Leyou invested $10 million in Certain Affinity back in 2017 to develop an original game. This investment is unlikely related to the Monster Hunter-inspired Project Suerte. Certain Affinity is currently creating a blockchain-based game called Last Expedition with play-to-earn mechanics. That as well as new third-person shooter Transformers game.

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