CEO Rod Cousens Leaves Codemasters for Jagex

Following ten years of service as the CEO of British game developer Codemasters, Rod Cousens has now stepped down to pursue a future at Jagex, the maker of RuneScape.

According to a press release issued by the company, Frank Sagnier, previously Chief Operating Officer at Codemasters, will now take over as a temporary boss of the company.

Cousens’ tenure has seen to good success with racing games. He was responsible for securing the exclusive rights to the Formula One racing franchise for Codemasters, and later for releases of a number of successful racing titles.

He also managed Indian company Reliance Big Entertainment Ltd.’s acquisition of a majority shareholding in the British company.

In recent years however, the company has struggled to widen its portfolio past its racing franchise. First-person shooter Bodycount, Operation Flashpoint, Rise of the Argonauts and Damnation all failed to achieve good numbers.

Codemasters released Grid Autosport in June last year and the followed with F1 2014 in October, which couldn’t make that large of an impact. Right now the company plans to release F1 2015 in June for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, making this its first title for the current-gen consoles.

Source Games Industry

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