CD Projekt Red Might Have Started Work On A New Witcher Game

While developer CD Projekt Red continues to patch Cyberpunk 2077 for further improvements, the Polish studio has also been apparently busy chalking out details for a new Witcher game.

According to a new job listing spotted, CD Projekt Red is seeking a camera programmer for an unannounced game. The listing itself makes no mention of the Witcher franchise but does state the applicant to be experienced in developing “real-time third-person perspective cameras” as well as “in-game and cinematic cameras…with a strong emphasis on aesthetics, clarity and creating impactful player experiences.”

CD Projekt Red previously announced that it would return to the acclaimed franchise for a fan-dubbed Witcher 4 game after Cyberpunk 2077 is done with its release. The mounting troubles at launch might have pushed those plans ahead but the Polish developer appears to have now finally started production on a new Witcher game. Either that or there is something else in the works.

Back in June, CD Projekt CEO Adam Kiciński confirmed that a “smaller team” has been working on unannounced projects but come 2022, work on the unannounced projects will take full focus. That means the developer will continue to support Cyberpunk 2077 for the remainder of 2021 before shifting completely to new projects which possibly includes a new Witcher game.

It is obviously too soon to speculate but a potential Witcher 4 may feature Ciri as the main protagonist instead of Geralt. The reason being that CD Projekt Red has been pretty candid in the past about Ciri not receive the attention she deserves. There are still a lot of stories surrounding Ciri but which had to be left behind in order to focus on Geralt himself.

In any case, fans should not be jumping with joy. CD Projekt Red will be taking its sweet time to finish up the next Witcher installment and not let history repeat with another Cyberpunk 2077-like botched launch.

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