CD Projekt Red Looking to Expand in China

When it comes to video games, it’s a reality that China holds a huge share of the industry’s popularity. It’s no secret to say that most publishers want to, one way or another, expand in its market. Due to that fact, CD Projekt RED is looking into expanding their marketing strategy in the east.

Taking a look into the studio’s job listings on Linkedin, you can see that not only are they searching for more engineering power for their existing offices in Poland, but they also are looking for marketers and managers for a team in Shanghai.

With the Cyberpunk 2077 marketing campaign starting to take form, it would be a shame for such a profound developer to not expand in the industry’s biggest power. The listings include a Marketing director, a senior marketing manager, as well as a PR manager. The description is short but states the reasoning behind the move:

Our mission is this: we want to deliver bleeding edge, mature role-playing games with a deep focus on storytelling. We want to wrap them in an honest, good value for money package gamers find worth their hard earned cash. We’d love all games and gamers to be treated like that. We’re working hard every day to make that happen.

CD PROJEKT RED is looking for a talented PR Manager who will act as the China public-facing representative of our studio.

The story behind CD Projekt RED and China is a funny one. Last summer, it became known that Chinese gamers refer to the studio as “Dumb Polish Monkey”. In reality, a compliment. As Abacus has back then reported, Chinese gamers can’t really understand how a company is working so hard into bringing free content to them, as opposed to Chinese companies who base their games off of microtransactions.

Going back to the listings, we see the company referring to the statement in an indirect way. The description states that they create games that are “good value for money package gamers find worth their hard-earned cash”.

Undeniably, CD Projekt RED’s expansion in China won’t only benefit Cyberpunk 2077. Gwent, which is a known and loved card game in the continent will see stable support without the dependency of any partnership.

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