CATS Best Cars Builds Guide for All Playstyles

CATS Best Cars Builds Guide will help you in building the best cars and installing the right parts for the best build possible in C.A.T.S. Crash Arena Turbo Stars. C.A.T.S. Crash Arena Turbo Stars is a game by the well-renowned studio Zeptolab who created Cut the Rope and King of Thieves. The main aim of this game is to build the best and the most deadly assault cars and destroy your enemies by using different weapons. This guide will make sure you are ready to face your enemies with the best build possible.

Before starting with building the best vehicle for combat, you must master the basic controls of the game. The best builds are not straightforward builds rather they are a combination of all available parts and bodies so they are mostly hybrid designs. It is up to you if you want to use these builds as they are or add your own mixes and create a unique combat cars ever built.

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CATS Best Cars Builds Guide

In our CATS Best Cars Builds Guide, we’ve detailed some of the best Cars Builds that you can use in the game.

CATS Best Cars Builds Guide

The best builds could be divided into three further categories to make it easy to build a specific type of attack vehicle. Each of these categories specializes in one major attribute. You can also add your own parts to mix them up and create unique hybrids.

Frontal Assault

  • Best Body: Classic, Sneaky, Pyramid or Surfer
  • Best Weapons: Chainsaw, Drill, Stinger
  • Best Utility: Forklift, Boost

Frontal assault builds are made to get up close and personal with the enemy vehicles and deal massive damage. They will need to be very agile and fast so that they do this without sustaining too much damage.

You can see all these parts and utilities are best used at close range. Your strategy while building frontal assault builds must be to speed to the enemy vehicle and ram them as hard you can. This causes maximum damage to the enemy vehicles. To make sure you are damaging them enough, stay in contact with them as long as you can as the weapons have a constant damage. So the longer you stay in contact with the enemy vehicle, the more damage you will deal with him.

Keep in mind these frontal attack vehicles also have weak spots and your enemy can exploit them. If the enemy vehicle is equipped with a forklift, he can lift your front making your weapons useless. He can also flip your vehicle to one side so make sure you keep him at an angle so he cannot get a clear shot at you.

Ranged Fighter

  • Best Body: All bodies except Boulder & Titan
  • Best Weapons: Laser, Rocket and Double Rocket
  • Best Utility: Repulse, Forklift, Backpedal

Ranged Fighters are long range combat vehicles, which specializes at annihilating the enemies from a safe distance. These vehicles have a slow rate of fire but they compensate for this with massive damage attacks.

These weapons deal heavy damage to the enemy but they have a very slow rate of fire so you must try to keep the enemies as far as possible. Use Repulse to knock them back or backpedal to get away from them or if an enemy vehicle manages to get close to you use a forklift to flip them. Use your weapons on them and try your best to keep at a safe distance.

The laser fires the slowest so you must always be very careful while firing with a laser. Fire once then try to gain more distance from the enemy and then firing rather than staying at the same place and firing again. Try to avoid the forklifts because if you are pushed or flipped at an angle, you will not be able to fire your weapons at your enemies.

Bonus Build

  • Body: Boulder, Pyramid or Titan
  • Weapons: Blades
  • Utility: Booster

This bonus build has one thing, which is very special when it comes to attacking the enemies and that is blades. Blade is the deadliest of all weapons and it does range damage all around you and does not even stop damaging enemies even when you roll or flip.

The most deadly of these combinations is the Boulder + Boost. It will go over most body types and will deal great damage to the enemy with blades spinning continuously. Even when Boulder flips, it can still damage enemies. However, it often gets stuck in the corners.

If you master this combination and deal out excessive damage during the initial push, you can get many wins. Titans prevent Boulders from ending up behind their backs however, Titans flip very easily. Since you will be going as a close combat vehicle, avoid repulse at all costs, as it is deadly for you.

This concludes our CATS Best Cars Builds guide. If you have anything else to add, feel free to use our comments section!

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