Catherine Nightmare Stages Guide

Nightmare Stages in Catherine are the result of your day to day complications in your relationship with Katherine.

Your daily interactions with Katherine or Catherine will result in the nightmares during your sleep in which you end up in a puzzle World and are forced to fight evil bosses to survive.

We’ve prepared this Catherine Nightmare Stage guide to help you out and if you need more help, check our Walkthrough.

Catherine Nightmare Stages



You solve the puzzles during Nightmare Stages by moving different blocks similar to Rapunzel Stages.

You can also collect various items which help you last longer during Nightmare Stages. This is more difficult than it sounds since the variety of blocks become harder to predict as you move through each level. The danger grows with each level you progress. Plus there’s limited time to finish them.

Boss Fights:

You’ll encounter a boss at the end of each stage segment.

  • Stage 1 – Underground Cemetery: None
  • Stage 2 – Prison of Despair: Fist of Grudge
  • Stage 3 – Torture Chamber: Immoral Beast
  • Stage 4 – Inquisition: The Child
  • Stage 5 – Quadrangle: Doom’s Bride
  • Stage 6 – Clock Tower: Child with a Chainsaw
  • Stage 7 – Spiral Corridor: Shadow of Vincent
  • Stage 8 – Cathedral: Catherine
  • Stage 9 – Empireo: Thomas Mutton (Dumuzid)
  • Stage 10 – Close Encounter: Big Brother

The bosses embody Vincent’s greatest fears and will chase him while also interfering with the construction of the tower. Vincent run into others who are stuck in the nightmare like him. Some of them are friendly while others…not so much.

Nightmare Stages Block Types

There are 11 types of Blocks that you’ll see in the game and the detail of each is listed below.

  • Dark Blocks
  • White Blocks
  • Spring Blocks
  • Unmovable Blocks
  • Cracked Blocks
  • Trap Blocks
  • Bomb Blocks
  • Ice Blocks
  • Vortex Blocks
  • Random Blocks
  • Mouth Blocks

Dark Blocks
Try to avoid them if you can have the choice because they take longer to push than the normal blocks.

White Blocks
These blocks conform to all the rules of block in the game and can be moved at a standard speed.

Spring Blocks
When you stand on one of these blocks, they will propel you upwards up to six block heights.

Unmovable Blocks
These blocks cannot be moved at all and can be identified by the symbol on them.

Cracked Blocks
When you walk on them, they’ll either crumble suddenly or will collapse after sometime depending on the type of block.

Trap Blocks
They will fire spikes once deployed so avoid them at any cost. Sheeps can be killed once they step on trap blocks.

Bomb Blocks
These blocks will eventually explode once you step on them. Resulting in the death of anything in range and also the nearby blocks will be cracked.
It will blink for a few seconds giving the warning before detonating.

Ice Blocks
You’ll slide if you jump on these blocks, which might take you to the edge of the map and in this case you can die. The skidding depends on the position from where you climb the block.

Vortex Blocks
They will destroy anything that is on top of them including the player.

Random Blocks
They can be identified by the curtains which will reveal themselves once you climb them.They can change into any type of block so beware.

Mouth Blocks
These blocks are able to move in any direction and can knock you off once you climb on the face. Disarm them by stepping on the top.

Nightmare Stages Items

You’ll be able to buy many of the items on the Landing at the end of each level. The prices are also mentioned below.

You can start the game from the level where you collected it when you die.

Enigma Coins
You can spend coins to buy items at the end of each stage which will also effect your score. Every bunch of coins you collect is extra 1000 points.

Once you collect it in the game, you can blow up every enemy(sheep) at once in the rain of lightning.

Dark Block
The player can place an immovable block anywhere he want after collecting it. You can also buy it for 3000 coins.

Mystic Pillow
These pillows will allow you to have extra retries when you die ascending the tower. The retries also depend on the difficulty you are playing with.
In easy mode you can get 3 retries with one pillow, you get 2 retries per pillow in normal mode and in hard mode you get only one retry per pillow. You can also buy them for 3000 coins

White Block
You can place a regular block anywhere which can be moved later on after collecting it. You can buy them for 5000 coins.

Energy Drink
After taking an energy drink, you’ll be able to jump two or three steps instead of one. A glow will surround you and you can jump several times until the glow is gone. You can also buy yourself a drink for 9000 coins.

A bell can turn special blocks into normal blocks in front of you. Purchase price is 8000 coins.

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