Catherine Walkthrough

Catherine is an action-adventure puzzle game that revolves around romantic complications between Vincent and his girlfriend Katherine, who is a smart and beautiful girl but she wants a long-term commitment from Vincent, something that Vincent is not ready for and has always tried to avoid during his entire life. Interested? we have the complete Catherine walkthrough for you right here.

Catherine Walkthrough

Vincent regularly meets his friends at the bar to avoid Katherine and complications in his relationship with her that have surfaced of late.

During one of these bar meet-ups, he stumbles upon Catherine, a beautiful seductive and irresistible Women. Next day, he finds Catherine in his bed, unsure of the events of the yesterday night that led to this, he starts wondering if he was making out with her or something more serious happen between them ? Should he tell Katherine ? Will he see Catherine again ? All these questions set the plot and everything else that follows will be entirely dependent on the decisions you will take.

There are multiple endings to the game depending on your choice and we will try our best to give you a roadmap to reach each ending. It’s a difficult task so observe a little more patience this time around.

Underground Cemetery

The first section is all about jumping and pulling. You need to get to the top before the monster gets you. Occasionally, you will have to pull some platforms. You will clear the level in gold if you manage to score 16200+ points.

Prison of Despair

Stage 1
This section is almost same as the first one with few tricks to learn. You can move a multiple blocks at one time and you sometimes may have to move the same block more than once to proceed further. You need 12,200+ points to get gold on normal difficulty.

Stage 2
Similar section continues but this time, it’s not only the block hoping as there are sheep to interrupt your path. You should not forget that you can also displace the block queue in background to clear you way. Watch the video for further understanding.

Stage 3
It’s a boss fight. Two monstrous hands will try to stab you with a fork. Naturally, if you are fast enough, you will make it safe. At the start, you may feel that you won’t be able to get away but if you keep it steady and move the blocks in appropriate time, she won’t harm you in any way.

After you reach the door and open it, the light will the damage and you will wrap up your escape. Making a staircase of blocks can be difficult at times and might take a couple of attempts before you can make it right. To get gold on normal, you need 45,600 points.

Torture Chamber

Stage 1
There must be a reason they named this section “Torture Chamber” Things will start getting more messy as now you will also have to look for the spikes.

Rest of the rules remains the same. Red spots on the blocks mark the presence of hidden spikes. To score gold, you need 21,600 points on this stage.

Stage 2
Spikes will be more abundant so you need to be more cautious (not slow though). You can use the sheep in the initial quarter of the stage to pop out the spikes. Rest will be the test of the skills you have learnt so far. For gold, you need 25,800 points.

Stage 3 – Immortal Beast
This time the beast is not a fork carrying female, a giant creature (with long tongue) which will spray hearts like rain after some intervals. Those hearts are not good for you so you need to take cover under the box each time you are under its attack.

Any contact with the hearts will result in control reversal which most probably will lead to death. So keep on moving upwards and take cover whenever a heart wave is imminent.


Stage 1
There are some new enemies in it but no new blocks. At the start you can decide to jump down from the south cliff to pick grimoire which you can use to liquidate later on. Enemies will be on two waves.

4 will be at the start and two will be at the end. You can decide either to escape them or if you find difficult you can use grimoire to blast them. 8,300 points are required for a gold.

You will also find the first checkpoint of the game at this stage.

Stage 2 – The Child

This child is will test you for a longer duration than the previous boss fights. The plan remains the same, climb up as fast as you can. It won’t give more than a breather or two.

There a couple of tough sequences where you might find it hard to align the blocks. Make sure you dodge the spits coming from child’s mouth like an RPG. You will have sufficient time to find its direction and then dodge.

At normal difficulty, you need 39,600+ points to score gold. You will also find second checkpoint in this stage.


Stage 1
You will a change in stage layout as Iceblocks have replaced the regular ones. One thing, you will notice about these boxes is that if you walk, you will keep on sliding till you fall or hit a solid support.

So instead of falling down, it’s better that you drop down and then shift (shimmy).Don’t be afraid of those blocks that make you jump high in the air.

Sometimes it will land you on a safe place if not, you will come back to the same spot. To get gold at normal difficulty in this stage, you need to score 32,700 points.

Stage 2
There are no new enemies or blocks in this stage. There are a couple of sections where you may die so you need to be cautions. Going for gold coins risking your life is not a good idea.

There will be a couple of enemies along the path. You can dodge them or destroy depending upon the available shots (which you gather of course). Keep it steady and you will reach the top.

To score gold at normal difficulty on this stage requires you to collect 62,100 points.

Stage 3 – Doom’s Bride
This time, she will drop ice on you from above in the first section of this stage. If you are hit by the ice, there will be a chance that she will ice you immediately after that. After the checkpoint, she will start throwing blocks at you.

You need to stay away from the red spots to dodge them. There are no complex patterns to make so if you keep it steady, you won’t have many problems. For gold on normal difficulty, you require massive 94,500 points for this stage.

Clock Tower

Stage 1
You will introduced to detonation blocks. You can’t afford to stay on them for too long as they will blast in a few seconds time. So, you will have to be quicker and sharper than before. There will also be spike blocks throughout the stage.

You can use them to get rid of enemies (not all of them) that come along your path. You need 41,200 points to score gold.

Stage 2
This stage has a lot of explosive blocks and if you try to be reckless, you can end up wrecking whole wall or a sequence. There will be a couple of positions where you will have to wait on these block for the last second.

Length of this stage is longer but if you keep it nice and smooth, you will reach the exit without any great fuss.

Stage 3
This is going to be tough. The floor is trembling. You will have to get through some real crazy sequences and it’s not going to end soon. A couple of times, you will be luck dependent as if the proper blocks don’t fall, your sequence can be screwed.

One way or another, you will reach the top. Don’t get frustrated soon if you can’t get right in a couple of attempts. For gold, you need to earn 131,400 points.

Stage 4 – Chainsaw Kid
This time, the kid will have the chainsaw along it. The child is fast through so make sure that you match its speed. Try to stay away from the right-wing of the tower as child will cut off the right tower more than once.

He will also start firing bullets in the air which will come back. You need to dodge them or you will be killed otherwise. Some of the block will start circling the tower. You need to keep an eye on these blocks to avoid clash.

Ultimately, you will reach the exit, and the same sequence will repeat. You will need to score 198,900+ points to get gold on this level.

Spiral Corridor

Stage 1
These stages will try to swirl your mind. Your experience with the game till now will be tested at certain points. The stage doesn’t have any enemies or unusual blocks. It’s all about sequencing the block in right manner and gather coins. For gold, you will need 28,700 points.

Stage 2
It’s a similar stage to the first one except for that the platform is broader than the first one and sequences seem to be complicated. You will have to score 51,700 points to earn gold. A couple of restarts to attain gold won’t be surprising.

Stage 3
Yet another stage with full of sequence puzzles. No enemies and no other threats. So if you keep it cool and keep on pulling the right blocks, there is nothing to interrupt your path. 82,300 points are required to win gold on this level.

Stage 4 – Shadow Vincent
Shadow Vincent will give a tough challenge. Getting gold on this level is one heck of a job. The escape can be divided into various sections. The section with the spikes and ice block is quite challenging specially in the presence of darkness spread by the evil creature.

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