Catherine Babel Mode Guide

Babel Mode in Catherine can be unlocked by getting the gold prizes in the Golden Playhouse main story and can be played by 1 or 2 players. There are four towers to climb with random blocks. After completing them all you can unlock a special video from Trisha. For more help on Catherine, check our walkthrough and Nightmare Stages guide which also details every type of block you will come across in Babel stages.

Catherine Babel Mode

In babel mode, a player is required to climb a tower of randomly stacked stones as high up as they can. This mode is unlocked while progressing through the main story line of the game.

Single player is mostly focused on difficult situation of towers and more and more number of stones or steps. Keep in mind that single player impacts your online ranking so always push for highest rank.

Coop mode helps you a lot while climbing these stones or stairs. You work as a team and support each other during the challenge and you also have lesser steps to climb so its relatively easy.


  • Gold Prizes to unlock:1
  • Number of Steps: 150 (single) – 102 (Pair)
  • Achievements: 10 Points (Bronze)

This tower contains Heavy Blocks, White and Cracked Blocks that are placed in unusual patterns.


  • Gold prizes to unlock:3
  • Number of Steps: 190 (Single) – 123 (Pair)
  • Achievements: 15 Points (Bronze)

In this stage, Random blocks, Bomb and Ice blocks are to be seen with Mouth blocks appearing randomly. The tower is wide enough to fill the screen with blocks.


  • Gold prizes to unlock: 5
  • Number of steps: 214 (Single) – 142 (Pair)
  • Achievements: 20 Points (Bronze)

In here, Trap blocks dominate the area. So quick movement and thinking are the key points to survive.

Axis Mundi

  • Gold prizes to unlock:9
  • Number of steps: 282 (Single) – 170 (Pair)
  • Achievements:100 Points (Gold)

Each of the block in the game is present in this stage but the most threatening and deadly is the Vortex Block. One wrong move can completely destroy the tower.

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