Castlevania Lords of Shadow Life Gems Location Guide

Collecting all life magic gems in Castlevania Lords of Shadow will earn you “Green Collector” achievement/trophy. If you are up for the challenge, follow the Life Gem location guide to get yourself this achievement/trophy.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Chapter#1

Hunting Path

Life Magic Gem#1. After you are done with Wargs you will have to fight few Lycanthropes. Run to the lower area to find a corpse containing this Life Gem Medallion. Get it before you defeat all the Lycanthropes or a cut-scene will take you away from this area.

The Dead Bog

Life Magic Gem#2. Start of the level on the first knight’s corpse.

Life Magic Gem#3. After killing the first group of Goblins, move on until you see stairs to the right. Follow this path until you drop from a ledge and camera angle changes. Now go to bottom right corner of the screen and you’ll find a corpse containing this gem.

Life Magic Gem#4. If you continue in the same direction you will find a path leading to the left covered by some dead brush. Follow this path and you will come across a corpse lying on a rock.

Life Magic Gem#5. Just after you have down a tree with your goblin grenades, you will drop down few ledges and now when the game tells you to use your R2 Trigger button to grip. Instead of grip swing to the ledge to the right, and drop down to find a corpse containing the last Life Gem. If you have collected all of them, you will get your first Life Gem Medallion.

Pan’s Temple

Life Magic Gem#6. Move on the straight path, and right after you have found your first scroll just near the second amulet. From the corpse with the scroll, go right as far as you can till camera angle changes and you come across another amulet. Move on to find another corpse with a life magic gem.

Oblivion Lake

Life Magic Gem#7. You can find a life gem to the left of the statue on the dock.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Chapter#2


Life Magic Gem#8. After you have defeated the cave troll, go left to find a corpse with this scroll. Now go right, and up the stairs. At the top of the steps, run to Gabriel’s right. You will drop down into the area with another corpse, loot it to get the life gem.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Chapter#3

The Three Towers

Life Magic Gem#9. At the top of the tower where you found your second fairy, walk toward the camera to reveal a corpse containing a Light Magic Gem.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Chapter#4

Mountain Fortress

Life Magic Gem#10. Start of the level, first fork, go right and you will find a corpse holding this gem.

The Crow Witch

Life Magic Gem#11. Climb up to the top floor of the tower from the room where you killed second trio of Swords Masters. Go right, and out in a balcony and you will find knight’s corpse with life gem and a Neutral Elemental Fountain.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Chapter#5

Veros Woods

Life Magic Gem#12. After you have killed the two goblins, find a breakable wall on the right side of the path, it is hidden by brush so use the shoulder charge to break it down to find a dead knight holding a gem.

Life Magic Gem#13. When you reach the three split paths in the forest, take one to the left. You will come across a small wall you can smash through, and on the other side, you will find a corpse near crystal shards.

Abbey Catacombs

Life Magic Gem#14. Inside the room with massive gear, get to the right side, run toward the camera and to the left. You will find a corpse there with the life gem.

Abbey Tower

Life Magic Gem#15. When you enter the structure with a broken wall entrance, turn to your right and follow the camera to find this gem, it is lying around near wooden barrels.

Life Magic Gem#16.From top of the first tower to the point where you need to do a sprint-jump forward to grab a ledge on the wall of the adjacent tower. Wave left instead around the building and drop down onto a small ledge, and you will find a dead knight there holding a Life Gem.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Chapter#6

Castle Courtyard

Life Magic Gem#17. There is a breakable door near the neutral element fountain in the yard where you fight the Skeleton Warriors and the Warg. Use Shoulder Dash to break through it and get the Life Gem.

Maze Gardens

Life Magic Gem#18. If you take original path at the start of the level, you will find a golden statue which you can smash open using your Spiked Chain. Behind it lies a corpse of dead knight holding a life gem.

Castle Hall

Life Magic Gem#19. In the third hall, climb up the wall on the left side to find a corpse with this life gem.


Life Magic Gem#20. Get the Evil Butcher Key, and go back to the room where you got feed for the Ghouls and open the locked door. Enter and on the left of the room you will find a dead knight’s corpse with life gem.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Chapter#7

Electric Laboratory

Life Magic Gem#21. Defeat Mechanical Monstrosity and get this gem in the upper right corner of the third electricity room.

Chromatic Observatory

Life Magic Gem#22. Inside the green room when you will use the hook tip to swing across the gap, you will see a dead knight on the right. The camera will switch afterward, and the knight will now be hidden to the left but you can still get the gem.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Chapter#8

The Clockwork Tower

Life Magic Gem#23. There is an electrified wall next to neutral element fountain. Climb to the top, wave left, and drop down. Jump across to the platform on the right and you will see a dead knight waiting to get looted.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Chapter#8

Bones Forest

Life Magic Gem#24. Right after Chupacabra steals your powers, go right and you will see a ledge. Climb up and to the right of that ledge to find another Knight with life gem.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Chapter#9

Woes Moor

Life Magic Gem#25. Go inside the destroyed barn. Now to the right of the scarecrow around the corner is another knight with the life gem.

The Music Box

Life Magic Gem#26. Use this combination in the music device – red, blue, magenta, yellow. Follow this path, it will lead you to a room with a corpse carrying a life gem.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Chapter#8

Titan Graveyard

Life Magic Gem#27. Run along the titan’s arm and you’ll reach a small island with a dead knight.

Fire Cemetery

Life Magic Gem#28. Head left after the Chupacabra cutscene and you will find another corpse with carrying a life gem.

Life Magic Gem#29. You will find this gem in the back of the puzzle area.

Life Magic Gem#30. When you defeat the reapers first time, run to the left and toward the camera. You will find yourself in the area with dead knight’s corpse carrying the final life gem.

If you collected all these life magic gems in Castlevania Lords of Shadow, you will unlock “Green Collector” achievement/trophy. If you liked this guide, check out our rest of Castlevania Lords of Shadow Guides. Comment if any location is not precise and brief, or want to add something ? let us know.

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