How Carla Tassara Built The Character Of Judy Alvarez In Cyberpunk 2077

Even though Cyberpunk 2077 is full of a variety of issues, ranging from its writing to technical issues, one positive aspect that many players can point to is the character of Judy Alvarez, played by Carla Tassara. In a recent interview, Tassara went into detail on how she helped to shape Alvarez’s personality.

Originally, Tassara had her eyes on a different character, the musclebound enemy NPC Sasquatch. Tassara thought that Sasquatch had been codenamed “Judy”, but found out that wasn’t the case fairly early in her casting call, which helped her to be able to figure out how to play Judy in the audition.

From there, after she got the part, CD Projekt RED gave Tassara a great deal of autonomy in how she could guide Judy’s behavior, as they already had a good idea of what they wanted to see from the character. This allowed Tassara to portray Judy more intimately than many characters she’d played before.

Before the character of Judy Alvarez, Carla Tassara has also played Tekla from Wolfenstein: The New Order, along with various other uncredited voices in games like Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Saints Row: The Third, Insomniac’s Spider-Man, and The Last Of Us: Part 2.

Judy Alvarez was described by CD Projekt RED as “obviously on the younger side, and not necessarily a nerd, but very smart and she would be guiding the player through much of the technology… not an introvert but fairly chill.”

Over the course of Cyberpunk 2077, Judy, though tough and standoffish at first, eventually gains the ability to open up to protagonist V through shared trauma, even allowing them to actually share in traumas locked in her past through brain-dancing.

While Night City can be a very dark and dangerous place, Tassara believes that having a character like Judy in the cast helps to bring more awareness to certain kinds of trauma that can ordinarily fall by the wayside. There may even be chances for the character of Judy Alvarez to go further, considering recent rumors of a romance DLC coming in the future.