“Care Package” Announced For Red Dead Online PC

Red Dead Online was suffering from a slew of performance and connectivity issues when Red Dead Redemption 2 landed on PC over a month back. Since then, Rockstar Games has released several updates to address the many concerns and improve stability for the online mode. There are still some lingering issues that the developer will continue working on but for the time being, Red Dead Online is in a much better position than before.

Posting on the official website earlier today, Rockstar Games announced a care package as a sort of compensation for Red Dead Online players who were affected at launch. Take note that the freebies are for only the PC version and not limited to just those who pre-ordered. Anyone who picks ups Red Dead Redemption 2 now and during the holiday season will receive the complimentary package for use in Red Dead Online as well.

Wheeler, Rawson & Co. will be supplying a finely detailed Prieto Poncho, as well as the following curated items to assist players during their travels in Red Dead Online:

  • 100x Revolver Express Ammo
  • 100x Pistol Express Ammo
  • 100x Repeater Express Ammo
  • 100x Rifle Express Ammo
  • 100x Shotgun Slugs
  • 20x Shotgun Incendiary Buckshot Slugs
  • 20x Fire Arrows
  • 20x Poison Throwing Knives
  • 20x Volatile Fire Bottles
  • 10x Potent Miracle Tonic – fully restores Health, Stamina and Dead Eye and Fortifies moderately
  • 3x Horse Reviver – revives Horse from severe injury and moderately restores its Health
  • 10x Minty Big Game – fully restores all Cores and yields a Gold Health Core
  • 20x Baked Beans – moderately restores Health Core and Stamina Core

Players who are already playing Red Dead Online on PC should have received the care package. You can find it in either your Camp Lock Box or any Post Office. For everyone else, the care package will be made available 24 hours after creating a character. In the rare occurrence that the package still doesn’t show up, contact Rockstar Games through the official support lines for assistance.

In addition, there are more freebies in the pipelines. When the next major update hits Red Dead Online later this month, PC players will also receive a variant of the brand-new Marino Bandolier, plus a new Off-Hand Holster and additional care package as a gift.

Last month, while fixing the PC version, Rockstar Games also took a ban hammer to all who have been modding Red Dead Online. Having learned from Grand Theft Auto Online, the developer made it pretty clear from the first day that players interested in modding Red Dead Online must adhere to a code of conduct. Basically, don’t use any mods when going online. The first wave of bans have already been handed out. Those who modded Red Dead Online on PC since launch have been temporarily banned for a month. In addition, any characters, progress, and inventory will be reset immediately.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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