Capture & Share Improvements In The Works For Xbox Series

The new Xbox Series controller has a share button to instantly capture and upload gameplay moments without the need to scroll through extensive menus. That was at least the idea when Microsoft shipped out the feature. The reality being that the capture and share button has been more frustrating than useful.

Taking to Twitter earlier today, director of project management Jason Ronald confirmed that Microsoft has been working on multiple improvements to enhance the capture and share experience. While there is nothing to further say on the matter at present, Ronald assured that improving the sharing features on Xbox Series consoles is currently a priority.

One major issue with the share button is that it functions sluggishly which goes against the idea of an instant sharing feature. Uploading screenshots and clips to social media platforms can most often fail or take a long time to process.

The feature furthermore can be a bit wonky as it sometimes mixes up media stored on Xbox Series consoles by showing older screenshots for example instead of the latest ones.

There are several quality-of-life improvements which Xbox players have been wishing for to make the process of capturing and uploading gameplay moments easier. Microsoft will hopefully be shipping out those said improvements in the near future.

The share button is part of the new and improved Xbox controller for Xbox Series X and Series S. However, the controller can also be used with the previous Xbox One and Xbox One X consoles through the magic of backwards compatibility.

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