The Awesome Adventures Of Captain Spirit Walkthrough

Let our The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit Walkthrough help you in unlocking every secret and getting around everything in the game.

Even though this is like a demo to introduce new mechanics, you are sure to miss a few things if you are going to rush the game. In this prequel to the popular interactive game, Life is Strange 2; you play as a young kid named Chris.

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit Walkthrough

The game begins with a short cutscene in which you are acquainted with Chris and his house. After that, the game begins and Chris starts drawing his superhero incarnation, Captain Spirit.

You begin the game in Chris’ room and will be tasked to create a superhero outfit by wearing different pieces of garments to best suit what you would want the costume to be.

You can choose from 1 of 2 for each piece of garment: head, body, and color.

You can opt for either a helmet or a mask, a light armor, or a heavy one and finally a colorful costume or a dark and dull one.

After having customized the costume another cutscene will play, after which you will assume control of the character Chris.

After forming the suit, look around to play with some toys. The Power Bear & Noctavious can be found lying around and when you interact with these toys, select dialogue options:

  • Why Mantroid?
  • Join your Team
  • I’m Sorry
  • Shut Up!

Then see what you deem fit to be the closure for one of the toys in one of two fashions: Destroy Him or Release Him. After doing so, move closer to the shelf beside the window.

Here you can find some comic books. Interact with your Favorite Book to read a letter from your mom. Also, interact with the Walkie Talkie to make a call.

Near the bed, you can play with a basketball and beneath the TV, there is a toy named Shark-Stinger which you can choose to ‘Do Nothing’ or ‘Intervene’.

Now proceed to the outfit you planned on creating earlier. Respond to your father’s call for breakfast by choosing either of:

  • Okay
  • Be Right There
  • I Know
  • I Heard You!

Remember that if Chris’s father has to call him for a second time to come down for breakfast, he will get angry which will, in turn, affect the conversation that they will have during the meal.

So, you need to keep him happy and therefore respond to the call the first time you hear it.

There is a total of 30 items in Chris’s room that you can interact with including toys, books, secret maps and even tattoos.

For most of these items, your interaction is limited only to taking a closer look at them but for some, you can interact further.

For instance, you can apply the tattoo by interacting with it, or the toys i.e. Power Bear and Noctarious fight.

Similarly, you can analyze the Secret Map but you will not yet be able to decipher it, not until after breakfast. After the breakfast, you will retrieve an item from Chris’s treehouse to decipher the map.

Do not worry about interacting with all the item in the room while going to the breakfast. You can come back later to explore them.

Outside the Chris’ Room

As instructed, head to the kitchen to have breakfast with your dad. Comment on the breakfast prepared by your father by in two ways: “It’s Good” or “I like Mom’s”.

You can then choose from some additional options:

  • Plan for Today?
  • You’re Drinking
  • It’s Fine
  • It Kinda Hurts

Look around, toss the beer cans into the trash bin, and prepare breakfast for your father. In order to do this, simply grab the pasta n cheese from the fridge and toss it into the microwave.

Wait around a minute and a half to get it cooked. Present it to your father.

Now proceed to put some dirty clothes into the washing machine that is situated in the Laundry Room next to the kitchen. Press ‘Wash’.

However, before you could do this, you have to turn the power on in the basement. Go through the dark door and use your superpower on the Water Eater to get the electricity going.

After the breakfast, Chris’s father will sit down to watch a Basketball game and you will again assume control of Chris’s navigation.

His father will eventually fall asleep and you will have the house to yourself. After this, you can complete a number of different objectives like playing games on his dad’s phone and target practice with the toy gun.

These are objective from Chris’s List of Awesome Things to do. To see what else lies in these objectives, you can tap the touchpad to see the complete list.

Also remember, that as soon as you wake his father up, you will not be able to do all the objectives.

Moreover, although they are not tied to the main storyline or the primary objectives of the game, they are fun and will allow you 100% completion of the game.

Completing Captain Spirit’s Costume

This part will take you around exploring the house to find different items to complete Chris’s costume.

First off, you will have found the cape. It is hung in the cupboard in Chris’s room. Interact with it in order to put it on.

Next, if you have chosen the light armor, you will find a sports bag on the floor in his father room. His room is opposite to Chris’.

However, if you chose the heavy armor, then you will have to head out to the garage to put on the cardboard.

You might find the garage locked and to unlock it, you will need the keys. They are hung in the kitchen.

Following that, you will now need something to cover the head. You will find some make-up in the bathroom to use as the mask or an aluminum foil in the lower cabinets of the kitchen which Chris will mold to make a helmet.

The final piece of the costume is the spray paint in the garage that Chris will use to make the sign. After completion, a cutscene about your suit will begin.

Phone Games

Unlock dad’s phone to play a mini-game. Mustard Party 2 is the game that you will be able to play on his phone.

You will find the phone on a table near the kitchen. Use the code 42983294 to bypass the security on his cell. This spells ‘hawtdawg’ which is the name of the character that you play as in the mini-game.

Now proceed to the parents’ bedroom and fix the lamp to acquire a key for the cabinet in the room. Search the cabinet to find the present dad bought for you at Christmas and a sports bag with some garment pieces for your superhero costume. Wear them.

Finally, complete your costume by going to the bathroom and drawing on a mask with the help of mum’s shadows. Inspect yourself in the mirror where you will have the dialogue options:

  • We’ll Forgive Them
  • I’ll Crush Mantroid
  • My Parents
  • Me

Outside the House

This is the final location for your adventure as Chris. Outside the house, proceed to enter a tunnel and exit it by following these directions: left, x2 right.

Here you can find mum’s letters and pictures. Clear away the snow from the stairs via the shovel.

Enter the garage via the side door behind the car. Use code 2005 to unlock the cabinet and acquire Chris’s mother’s stuff.

You can also apply color to your superhero suit through the spray paint here.

Head to the treehouse in the garden to find a box with some secrets like a map and some mysterious notes.

Now make your way to the car to play inside it, note this is only possible if you took the car keys earlier. Teleport to another planet and find the sign amidst all the sand before heading back.

Go to your dad and wake him up at which point a heated conversation will begin. Thankfully, a doorbell distracts the both of you.

On the door will be Mrs. Reynolds. She’ll be concerned about you but you can lie to her or you can tell the truth.

After Mrs. Reynolds leaves, Charles will continue his rant against Chris and will blame Chris for the death of his mother.

Chris will start crying and run towards his treehouse. While climbing up, one of the planks will break and Chris will fall.

While falling, Chris will use his superpowers to stop himself from hitting the ground and that will be the ending.

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