Testing For Resident Evil 3 Remake Has Begun by Capcom?

This isn’t a drill people. Capcom has tweeted out that they are now looking for a group of video game testers. They added that it was the Resident Evil team that needed testing for an ongoing development of a game. Could this be the Resident Evil 3 remake in the works right now? Or maybe, we are talking about Resident Evil 8?

Here’s the exact tweet itself:

Now we know Capcom was supposed to work on a Resident Evil 3 remake before getting started on the 8th installment. With the massive success of the Resident Evil 2 remake, it was the next step they wanted to take. Understandably so as well, since the rivalry of Jill and Nemesis was very beloved.

Fans have already started spreading rumors around of what Capcom could be testing in the remake assuming that’s what they’re working on. My favorite theory was that Capcom is testing Jill’s running speed against that of Nemesis.

This could always be another spin-off game as well. The only guarantee we had was of the Resident Evil 3 remake coming before Resident Evil 8. We weren’t promised that there won’t be any other game before Resident Evil 3 remake though.

The game was at least old enough to make for a great remake. Especially with the new RE engine that’s been working out fantastically for the recent titles.

This is just a tweet asking for testers though. It might not be the Resident Evil 3 remake at all. Even if it is that, the private testing phase means it’s way behind in development right now. Don’t expect whatever game it is for a long time.

Until we do get that remake, here’s a way to re-experience Resident Evil 3 in the RE 2 remake until then.

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