Capcom Registers Shinsekai: Into the Depths, Revival of Deep Down or A New IP?

Capcom filed a trademark for Shinsekai: Into the Depths recently suggesting that it is the name of a new IP in works. Shinsekai: Into the Depths translates into “New World: Into the Depths. The trademark registration filing appeared via European Union Intellectual Property Office website.

Unfortunately, the page dedicated to Shinsekai: Into the Depths doesn’t reveal anything else about the project. If we have to guess, Shinsekai: Into the Depths is the name of a new IP by Capcom in works for video game consoles or smartphones. The game can be expected to be announced sometime in the future.

It’s also possible that Capcom’s Shinsekai is a new game for next-generation consoles coming to Microsoft’s Xbox Scarlett and Sony’s PlayStation 5.

However, some believe that “Into the Depths” is referring to the revival of Deep Down, which was announced by Capcom in 2013 for PlayStation 4 but was never released. The trademark was filed in English. It tells us that Capcom will most likely not translate it.

For those who don’t remember, Deep Down was set to be a single and multiplayer coop dungeon game with similarities to both Capcom’s own Dragon’s Dogma and Dark Souls games. Interested players can check out the trailer of the unreleased game below.

In addition to this, some people also believe that the “New World” relates to Monster Hunter game expansion. It’s worth noticing that the upcoming Monster Hunter World expansion called Iceborn is set in a place called The New World.

To find out if Shinsekai: Into the Depths is an expansion of Monster Hunter World or the revival of Deep Down, we will have to wait. If you ask me, Shinsekai: Into the Depths sounds like a new IP.

Despite the recent success of Devil May Cry 5, Monster Hunter World and RE2 Remake, the Japanese developer remains focused on new IPs. Last month, Capcom revealed that the company is not giving up on the idea of making new characters or series.

We’re not giving up on the idea of creating new characters and series, it’s just we’re doing quite well at the moment with bringing new, fresh approaches to our existing series. That’s working out very well for us but we’ll never take our eye off creating original games in the future, Ryozo Tsujimoto head of Capcom’s consumer games development division 2 told VGC.

If the speculations are true, we can expect to learn more about Capcom’s new IP in 2020.

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