Capcom Pragmata Trademark Filed But No Information On Actual Use Yet

Capcom has recently filed a trademark for the word “Pragmata”, likely being used in the future as a patent for some new property. However, despite the Capcom Pragmata trademark we have no idea of what they might actually be using it for, or if it’s even a game to begin with.

There’s a lot of things that Pragmata could be used for, though since there’s not any other series or franchise name attached to it it might very well be a new Capcom property. But whether it’s a console game or even just a mobile game is also yet to be seen.

While a Capcom Pragmata trademark might point to the possibility that the game is already in development, nothing about anything called Pragmata has been revealed from Capcom recently. It might be under development as a next-gen title and we might see it at E3 or some other event.

Even if there’s nothing related to any of Capcom’s properties in the trademark, however, Pragmata might still be part of one of Capcom’s franchises. There are a large number of different games that it could be, from Resident Evil to Monster Hunter to Street Fighter or any number of other series.

However, it might also be a changed name for a property that hasn’t been released yet, such as Deep Down. Deep Down has had its trademark renewed repeatedly over the past few years despite being announced in 2014, so Pragmata might be a new name for it, but that’s not confirmed.

Since the Capcom Pragmata trademark was only just filed today, we’ll likely have a lot longer to wait before we have any idea what it’s about, including what genre it’s in and just what Capcom plans to do with it. While it could be some kind of science fiction title, it could also just be a mobile game.

With any luck, Capcom will actually tell us what the trademark is for sometime in the near future, even if it will be a while before we get around to seeing it for ourselves. Or we’ll be able to get a look at it from a leak if one comes.