Capcom Partners With Radeon For Resident Evil 8 FidelityFX

Capcom has apparently partnered with Radeon in order to apparently make the next-gen versions of Resident Evil 8 even more jaw-droppingly gorgeous. Resident Evil 8 FidelityFX (Raytracing for Nvidia) is intended to help enhance not just the visuals of the game, but the atmosphere as well, which as demo players remember is already very thick.

The Resident Evil 8 demo takes players through a dark, dank, and very gory dungeon, and goes all the way out into several rooms of an opulent castle, with gorgeous lighting and physics. This, of course, makes the fact that you’re trapped with what appear to be a family of vampires all the more terrifying.

Considering the greater processing power of the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X, players who already have those consoles and play Resident Evil 8 on them may find a whole new level of horror and disgust as they go through the game and see the depths of the Dimitrescu family’s depravity. And it’ll all be enhanced by the Resident Evil 8 FidelityFX and raytracing.

The demo already had blood and entrails being consumed as food, a torture chamber that’s seen a lot of use, and more, and that’s only in a brief snippet of gameplay. The rest of the game, in what’s likely a similar setup to Resident Evil 7, appears to have Ethan Winters running around the Dimitrescu castle and its cult-like isolated village.

With what we’ve seen in the game’s trailers, it looks like this is a whole different ball game from many of the Resident Evil games we’ve seen before, and with the Radeon FidelityFX, we’ll be able to see every sort of detail with it if you’re playing the next-gen versions.

If you do have an Xbox Series X or Playstation 5, or plan on playing the game on PC, you’ll be able to see the Resident Evil 8 raytracing in action for yourself when the game comes out on May 7, 2021.