Capcom Hints at the Possibility of More Remastered Games

Capcom is looking at more remastered games for current-gen consoles and PC. The company recently released Resident Evil HD, which fared well on PSN, and became the fastest selling digital title on day-one.

Later on we heard about Resident Evil 0 being remade, and now just days ago Capcom announced Resident Evil Origins Collection. By now, you may have had enough of remastered games from Capcom, but it seems the company isn’t done yet.

Capcom marketing director Antoine Molant spoke about Resident Evil HD, Zero and future project. He said:

Resident Evil 0 was already in the development pipeline when Resident Evil HD was released so that game’s success wasn’t really part of our decision to bring that title to the gamers. Given what we have seen from the fan base since the announcement, we expect it to do extremely well.

I can’t comment on our unannounced projects, but obviously a success like RE HD makes us look at remastered games in the future.

Capcom says that it is all about content quality and whether fans want to see remasters or not. I can’t speak for anyone else but frankly, I’m tired for seeing so many re-releases this generation.

Capcom should move on and work on a new IP or better yet, Resident Evil 7.

What are your views on remastered games? Do you think we have enough of them already?

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