Capcom Game Sales Leave Multiple Games As Platinum Titles

With the year winding down, Capcom has spoken about more of its game performances over the past year, and apparently it’s been a very good year for them. Capcom game sales have propelled multiple games into the Platinum Titles tier, meaning they’ve sold over a million units as of September 30.

Capcom has been doing very well the past several years with games like the Resident Evil remakes, Monster Hunter World, and more. The various games that reached the Platinum Titles tier include Monster Hunter World and Monster Hunter Iceborn, both Resident Evil remakes, Devil May Cry 5, Street Fighter 5, and Resident Evil 7.

Monster Hunter has already been doing fairly well since World came out, with the game becoming one of Capcom’s most successful ever. The Resident Evil games and Devil May Cry 5’s success also heralded a return to form for both series, with Resident Evil being bolstered by 7’s success and Devil May Cry being a welcome return to the old, better canon.

Out of all of the Capcom game sales, Monster Hunter World has actually been the most successful. Even with the great success of the other games Capcom has released, the game has reached 16.4 million units sold, a full eight million over the next most-successful game, Resident Evil 7.

Most of the selling games also included looks at how much they’d sold since the last sales update, June 30. Monster Hunter World Iceborne for instance has picked up 800,000 more units in sale since then, and Resident Evil 7’s 400,000 units make it the best-selling Resident Evil game ever.

We may not even be done with the sales updates this year, considering that Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition has now been released, allowing players to play as Vergil with a kickass new battle theme along with all of his amazing-looking moves.

Either way, hopefully all the Capcom game sales keep coming as the company keeps producing amazing games.