Capcom’s New Exoprimal IP Pits Players Vs. Dinosaurs

Capcom has officially announced Exoprimal which will pit players against the "strongest and deadliest dinosaurs" in history.

Capcom has officially announced Exoprimal, an all-new intellectual property which will pit players against the “strongest and deadliest dinosaurs” in history.

Exoprimal focuses around multiplayer cooperative gameplay, allowing up to five players to choose from a series of “state-of-the-art Exosuits” against a relentless horde of extradimensional dinosaurs. Each Exosuit has been designed to have a unique role with unique abilities and weapons, giving players the option of defining team-based compositions. The Roadblock Exosuit for example, features a shield that “can hold off hundreds of raptors.”

“We’re about to see a vicious fight for survival between the brave Exofighters of the near future, and ferocious creatures from the distant past who threaten to drive humanity toward extinction,” said Capcom in a PlayStation Blog post.

Capcom is currently working on a developer commentary video which will provide “additional information on the high-octane, team-based gameplay” dino-hunters can expect. The commentary should arrive in the coming weeks but until then, fans can give the announcement trailer another go to see dinosaurs raining from the sky and the dreaded Tyrannosaurus Rex charging in for a kill.

Exoprimal was revealed during the new State of Play livestream earlier today and while the game does bear some resemblance to the fan-favorite (and seemingly shelved) Dino Crisis franchise, Capcom has clarified that Exoprimal is neither a reboot nor an adaptation. The new intellectual property though may yet scratch that Dino Crisis itch when it releases on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, and PC somewhere in 2023.

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