Capcom Debuts 25 Minutes Of Monster Hunter World Gameplay

During the Playstation conference at E3 this year, Capcom announced that a new Monster Hunter game, Monster Hunter World, would be coming to the Playstation 4. Today, Capcom unveiled 25 whole minutes of Monster Hunter World gameplay, along with a few screenshots to help with the wait before the game actually releases.

The gameplay came from a Japanese livestream earlier today that talked a lot about Monster Hunter, where we got not just more gameplay but also a bit of information about it. For instance, you will have to have an online account if you want to play the game.

Monster Hunter World will become available for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC at various points during 2018. This unfortunately means that the game is going to be coming out a pretty long time away from now.

In the meantime, Capcom has released the new gameplay to tide us over. We saw some gameplay when the game was announced at E3, but this is a much larger chunk of gameplay.

It’s not really anything special, as the game is quintessential Monster Hunter. Players will take on the role of a hunter who travels around the game’s world to search for large and dangerous monsters, kill them, strip them of anything useful, then make armor and food out of them.

While the gameplay seems lacking in substance on the surface, Monster Hunter is still a tremendously popular series. The franchise has had a large number of games that all revolve around the same sort of gameplay formula, and has survived to become a top seller every time a new game comes out.

If you want to see the 25 minutes of Monster Hunter World gameplay for yourself, you can find the video link further up this page. Otherwise, you can see the new screenshots below the video clip.