Capcom Announces That All Mega Man X Games Are Coming Back

Capcom announced on the official Mega Man Twitter today that all eight Mega Man X games are going to be making comebacks, coming to the Xbox One, Playstation 4, PC, and Nintendo Switch. While there’s no dates yet, today’s a great day for Mega Man fans to celebrate the game’s anniversary.

Mega Man X is likely one of the more well-known spinoffs of the Mega Man series. Focusing on a variant of Mega Man named X, the game’s world doesn’t involve Doctor Wily, the main village of the normal Mega Man series. Instead, the focus is on a war between human-hating robots known as Reploids, and good robots that are in service to humanity.

If you’re up to date on memes, the Mega Man X games are the same series that gave us “WHAT AM I FIGHTING FOOOOOOOOOOOOR?!”

Various normal Mega Man games have found their way back to consoles and other gaming platforms in various ways, such as how Mega Man 9 and 10 were added to the Xbox One’s backwards compatibility list. However, there hasn’t been anything for Mega Man X in a long time, not since 2005 with Mega Man X8, the last game in the series.

Mega Man’s 30th anniversary might be meaning a resurgence in Mega Man games with all of the announcements that Capcom is putting out today. With the Mega Man X games getting re-releases on every current-gen console, and a new main Mega Man game coming out late in 2018, there’s no telling what else Capcom might have in store for us.

In the meantime, players will have to wait for more information from Capcom to see what sort of particulars there will be for this re-release of the Mega Man X games. Hopefully we’ll be seeing a release date soon, along with more concrete information about them.

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