You Can Redownload P.T on Your PlayStation 4

P.T was suppose to be the next big Silent Hills game due to unforeseen events, Konami scrapped the game and Hideo Kojima with it. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain was his last game before leaving Konami. P.T was a demo for Silent Hills that was exclusively available on PlayStation 4.

It isn’t anymore, however, you can bring it back to your PlayStation 4 console, you can redownload P.T. Keep in mind that the below mentioned method assumes that you have access to a PSN account and had P.T installed on your system at some point.

  • Download a software called SUWI
  • While downloading tick all of the options you see on screen
  • Download an IP Checker, check your IP and turn on your PlayStation 4
  • Go to settings > network > Setup internet connection > Choose custom setup and select the correct network
  • Select Automatic for IP Address Settings
  • DO NOT Specify DHCP
  • DNS settings Automatic
  • MTU settings Automatic
  • Use proxy server
  • Enter Your IP Address
  • Set Port to 808
  • Go to your library and find P.T and download it

We have verified this method and it actually works.

P.T was a project that started in collaboration with Guillermo Del Toro. Him and Hideo Kojima are still in touch and may work on a new project sometime in the future.

Meanwhile, there doesn’t seem to be any plans for a new Silent Hill game at Konami. The studio is working on a new Metal Gear game though.

Source: Wololo


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