We Can Play Pokemon Crystal On Nintendo EShop On January 26

If you like to fondly remember the previous generations of Pokemon, then Nintendo has another treat for you. Starting on January 26, 3DS owners will be able to buy Pokemon Crystal on Nintendo eShop, and go through the original Johto games once again. Pokemon Crystal is an upgraded release of Gold and Silver.

Pokemon Crystal added in a number of new mechanics and options into the game. In addition to actually making the sprites of your Pokemon move before a battle, players also had the option to start playing as a girl for the first time in the form of the character Kris, an alternative to Ethan (the official name for “Gold”, Gen 2’s protagonist).

Along with this and a number of other visual changes, many things that are in more recent Pokemon games (such as the girl protagonist, the name of a location popping up when you enter it, and moving Pokemon sprites) have continued into the present day, and you were even able to play as a girl in the Johto remakes, though instead of Kris we got a new character, Lyra.

Either way, if you want to buy Pokemon Crystal on Nintendo eShop for yourself, you’ll still have to wait a good while, until January 26. When the game releases (again), all you have to do is go to the eshop and buy it for yourself, and hopefully it’ll be around the same price as when Red, Yellow, and Blue versions were put onto the eshop, being available for around ten dollars each.

Either way, in the meantime, as we wait for Nintendo to put out the next Pokemon game (which is apparently going to be Switch-exclusive), you can buy Pokemon Crystal on Nintendo eShop to get your Pokemon fix, if you weren’t drawn in by Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.