You Can Now Play Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp For Free On Android And iOS

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is now available on your mobile device so that you can have fun with mumbly animals without having to bring your Nintendo 3DS/2DS with you. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp gets you in the role of a campsite manager, and you are tasked to create the campsite of your dreams.

Mostly designed for a young audience, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is a simulation game with classic crafting and building features as well as managing the visits of different animals on your campsite.

What’s impressive is that the game seems to be true to the original Animal Crossing with the same annoyingly cool sounds that we’re used to on Nintendo DS. The game’s description reads:

Get back to nature in Animal Crossing™: Pocket Camp, the new Animal Crossing mobile game where you take on the role of campsite manager!

You’re in charge, so you can decorate your own campsite however you like! Make it fun, make it cute, make it sporty—it’s up to you to craft the kind of furniture and amenities that will make your camp a must-see for animals visiting the area.

The game also features in-app purchases and needs an internet connection to play. Since its the first day of release for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, the servers are experiencing issues and you should wait a day or two before the developer team works those out.

Nintendo, as well as many other big publishers like Square Enix, has been bringing triple-A titles to mobile devices with small-but-sweet games like Super Mario Run, which has more than 200 million downloads and is still in the top 10s of best games to download on your Android or iOS device.

Fire Emblem Heroes is also evolving as the company does, with an expansion already live to the game taking its story even further. Be sure to grab your guaranteed 5-star hero and maybe start playing again if you have uninstalled it.

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