How Can Nintendo Prevent the NX from Having the Wii U Fate

Nintendo NX is real – that much had been confirmed by the giant firm at the E3 conference. According to them, there won’t be any talk of the Nintendo NX this year, but of course they could decide to deviate from that statement if they wanted to.

Nintendo’s struggled lately, and that’s not a hidden fact; the Wii U’s sales were the most disappointing for a Nintendo console at just 10 million, and the 3DS failed to live up to the standards of its predecessor, and only saw a glimmer of success from the announcement of a Zelda and Mario game, and the subsequent price drop.

The gaming-oriented giant seriously needs to come up with something new and revolutionary in order to just challenge Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One, let alone surpass them.

The lack of third-party support for the Wii U and its inability to bring anything new when compared to its predecessor is what led to its demise, and Nintendo needs to assure that it does not repeat the same mistake again.

The codenamed in-the-works console Nintendo NX is not intended to be a replacement for the 3DS or the Wii U – that much is clear.

The first thing Nintendo needs to address is its control system. Sadly, well-renowned designer Shigeru Miyamoto will not be in charge of the hardware design of the console. This means that Nintendo will have to come up with something that adopts skills other than those that have led to the success of the likes of the GameCube, original Wii, and the 3DS.

Ever since the GameCube, Nintendo has faced a major issue of having a console that either does not have enough power or simply lacks the capacity to utilize its available power.

The GameCube was more powerful than the all-time record selling PlayStation 2 console, which saw many exclusive and conventional titles (like Resident Evil 4) released on it.

It’s not just about the console power though – the Wii U Gamepad was a unique concept, but its bulky design made it cumbersome for those looking for a more conventional gaming experience.

Nintendo has already stated that the NX will contain a unique feature new to gaming platforms, and we’re certainly hoping it’s not something like the Wii U Gamepad. Of course, a console is only really as good as its games, and that’s where Nintendo seems to be suffering.

Remaining in the esoteric bounds of certain franchises such as Legend of Zelda and Mario will keep many faithful fans, but it largely suffers in attracting a newer audience. The firm needs to make sure that its scope is widened to include third-party developers who could further boost the sales of its platform.

The Wii U’s situation should be lesson for Nintendo in developing its console while keeping the current gaming market in mind. There needs to be more emphasis on a capable console, the quality of the titles released, and also the widening of the franchise spectrum.

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