Camille Build Guide to Best Runes, Masteries, Items

Our Camille build guide follows her release just a couple of days ago. Here are the best runes, masteries, and items for the new League of Legends champion.

Our Camille build guide follows her release just a couple of days ago. Here are the best runes, masteries, and items for the new League of Legends champion.

While the following Camille build guide caters to the top lane, the same suggestions should work well inside the jungle as well. The Steel Shadow is bad news for squishy carries, especially those without any significant means of escape. Her entire kit is designed around quickly traversing the terrain to isolate and demolish enemy champions, and escape back to safety.


  • Red Marks: x9 Attack Damage
  • Yellow Seals: x9 Armor / x9 Scaling Health
  • Blue Glyphs: x9 Cooldown Reduction
  • Purple Quintessences: x3 Attack Speed

As an incredibly strong physical damage dealer, taking attack damage marks is a no-brainer. There’s discord when it comes to deciding Seals. Many junglers still opt for flat armor runes. However, scaling health has also proven to be worthwhile.

Camille relies on her kit to pursue targets, kill, and make her escape. A lower cooldown ensures that those important abilities are available for use again during tense frays.

While some may opt for flat attack damage Quintessences, added attack speed works great with Hookshot/Wall Dive which already gives her bonus attack speed. It’s also crucial to her early jungling phase.



  • Ferocity: 18 Points
  • Cunning: 0 Points
  • Resolve: 12 Points

In Ferocity, you’ll need Fury for attack speed and Natural Talent for bonus attack damage. There’s choice between Double Edged Sword and Battle Trance. If you feel that the enemy targets are likely to prolong fights, go for the latter. The daring, though, stick to the former.

Battering Blows for additional armor penetration and a very useful statistic for Camille. Fervor of Battle is the best Keystone mastery for the Steel Shadow. Her primary offense pattern follows basic attacks which helps to generate Fervor stacks in no time.

The Resolve tree is pretty much standard. Pick Recovery for health regeneration, Tough Skin and Veteran’s Scars for the early game. Finally, Insight to make sure Summoner Spells return quicker or Fearless for survival. Camille already gains a nifty shield through her passive. Fearless makes sure she has additional resistances if enemy champions decide to focus her.


  • Ionian Boots of Lucidity
  • Trinity Force
  • Ravenous Hydra / Titanic Hydra
  • Sterak’s Gage
  • Enchantment: Warrior (for Junglers)

Do note that the list (above) mentions core items and are not arranged in the order of purchase.

As mentioned before, cooldown reduction works very well with Camille. Ionian Boots of Lucidity is just another way of bringing those timers down. Camille’s kit allows her to reset her auto-attacks — twice; hence, Trinity Force is a very powerful item on her.

There’s much debate when it comes to choosing between Ravenous and Titanic Hydra. Both Tactical Sweep and Hextech Ultimatum already deal damage based on the target’s health. Ravenous Hydra is for those wanting to go all in with as much damage as possible. Titan Hydra, on the other hand, makes Camille more tanky and allows her to do additional damage based on her own health.

Sterak’s Gage is simply there to accentuate Adaptive Defenses. Camille gets another shield to give her more time in finishing off a target enemy champion.

When leveling for the top lane, Camille should be prioritizing Precision Protocol (Q) and then Tactical Sweep (W). In the jungle, maxing Hookshot/Wall Dive (E) and then Precision Protocol (Q) increases ganking potential.

Do note that this Camille build guide is subject to change with upcoming patch updates.

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