How To Farm Credits In The Callisto Protocol

Callisto Credits are the in-game currency or money you use for various purchases and upgrades in The Callisto Protocol. In...

Callisto Credits are the in-game currency or money you use for various purchases and upgrades in The Callisto Protocol. In order to fight the biophage, you need to keep upgrading your equipment and that is where Callisto Credits are required.

If you are struggling to maintain a healthy amount of credits, allow us to explain how you can farm credits in The Callisto Protocol. You will need this money to buy weapons and equipment at the Reforge.

How to earn money fast in The Callisto Protocol

Credits or money can be farmed in a number of ways in The Callisto Protocol. As long as you aren’t trying to rush through the game, you should be able to earn a decent amount of money.

Killing the Biophage enemies

One of the ways to farm credits is to kill infectious biophage enemies. You will encounter many of them while progressing through the storyline. However, getting credits upon killing them is completely random as it depends upon your health and ammo.

If you are suffering from low ammo or low health, then upon killing the enemies you will get ammo or health supplies instead of the credits. If you are killing them to earn credits, then make sure to have your ammo and health close to max.

Looking in the lockers and prison cells

While playing the game, exploring the area and looking in the empty cells may farm some credits.

In addition to it, don’t forget to look out for lockers as they can provide you with some Callisto Credits as well. They are mostly located in the locker rooms but that’s not the case every time as some can be found outside.

Stomp on the corpses of enemies

As mentioned earlier, killing the enemies results in farming the credits. In addition to this killing, there is another way to farm credits too.

You need to move close to the deceased enemy lying on the floor and stomp over it. It can also farm some Callisto Credits but it’s not the case every time. Sometimes this may result in earning no credits as it is completely random.

Opening storage chests

In addition to looking for the lockers and cells don’t forget to look for the containers like storage chests. Before moving to the next missions make sure to find them by exploring the area like the dark corners as opening them can farm Callisto Credits.

Selling unwanted items at the Reforge

As you progress through the game, you upgrade many weapons. This makes the outdated items kind of junk for you. You can sell these items including the ammo as well at some specified spots called Reforge terminals. By selling you can also earn Callisto Credits.

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