Expansive Worlds Trademarks Call of the Wild: theAngler, Steamdb Entry Found [Update]

Expansive worlds has officially announced Call of the Wild: theAngler and it’s a fishing game.

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Expansive Worlds, the developer behind theHunter: Call of the Wild has filed for the trademark of something called Call of the wild: theAngler. The developer is part of Avalanche Studios group and has been working on theHunter: Call of the Wild for a while now.

“Call of the Wild” seems to be the common thing between both their current game and the new trademark. Now, it can either be related to theHunter game or they could be ready to announce a new one. There is another hint that indicates that it might be a new game as SteamDB entry with the same name has also been found. And it seems like the developer is testing different builds for the game. So the announcement could be imminent.

Expansive World’s theHunter: Call of the Wild might not have received good reviews on launch but since the launch, the game has been improving slowly and steadily. Now, it looks in great shape with our 91k positive reviews on Steam. At the time writing, the game still has around 10k concurrent players on Steam so it enjoys a descent community as well. So a new game, probably in the similar direction from Expansive Worlds might be a good news for the fans.

However, for the time being, all we can do is speculate about what the new potential game could be. If Expansive Worlds is to announce anything, it would be in this month as many other companies have already revealed and announced different projects this month.

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