Call of Juarez Gunslinger Nuggets of Truth Locations ‘Unvarnished’ Guide

In the newest Call of Juarez game – called Gunslinger – sees you take on the role of Silas Greaves, a legendary cowboy on the level of Billy the Kid and similar old western heroes. It seems, however, that even legends such as you need a hobby, and Silas likes to collect secrets.

These secrets are known as Nuggets of Truth and there are 54 of them scattered throughout the old west. When you collect a scroll, it appears unlocked in the ‘Nuggets of Truth’ menu as a playing card and you can read it to learn new information pertaining to the era and the places and characters it is populated by.

Call of Juarez Gunslinger Nuggets of Truth Locations

If you manage to collect all 54 cards you are awarded with the Unvarnished Truth achievement/trophy. Here is where you can find them all:

Episode #1 – Billy The Kid

Nugget #1 – The Lincoln County War
Location: This is found during the tutorial section in the beginning when you first learn how to crouch. Do so and enter the building to the left and you’ll find this scroll and horseshoe on a wheelbarrow.

Nugget #2 – Stinking Springs
Location: When you go into the back door of the house to find Billy, head up the stairs. In the first room, you’ll find a scroll and horseshoe on a table next to the window.

Nugget #3 – Pat Garret
Location: At the end of the mission you’re supposed to go to the stables to find some horses. Just before you enter through the open door, look right to see a scarecrow wearing a white hat. This hat is the nugget.

Episode #1 – Part #2

Nugget #1 – Billy the Kid
Location: Near the beginning of the mission, just after you exit your cell enter the next empty cell with an open door. There is a black hat on the bench inside that is the nugget.

Nugget #2 – Lincoln Escape
Location: This nugget will be found when you drop down from the rooftops. Proceed forward and circle around to the left side the first building you arrive at. You’ll find the nugget on top of an ammo crate in front of some barrels in the shape of a scroll.

Nugget #3 – Horse Theft
Location: Eventually you’ll come to a wagon that’s blocking the road and you’ll also find a ladder that you climb in order to get to the roof to cross a fence. The book will be on a metal gear stand on the right.

Nugget #4 – Old West Lawmen
Location: After passing the clock tower, make a right and open the first door on the right. Enter this building to find a bunch of barrels and one of them is a nugget in the shape of a hat.

Episode #2 – Cowboys

Nugget #1 – Guardia Rural
Location: Following the standoff at the wagon, you’ll have to escape through the cave. You will find a campfire off to the right. In front of the tent in the campsite is a hat that is a nugget.

Nugget #2 – Doc Holliday
Location: After you come to the ammo stash from the body that fell from the sky, go back the way you came but use the rocks on the right and keep a sharp eye out for the white markings. Go right when possible and you’ll find a hat nugget.

Nugget #3 – Old Man Clanton
Location: From the top of the hill where the old man Clanton is shooting a Gatling gun at you go to the left side to find another hat nugget.

Episode #2 – Part #2

Nugget #1 – Wyatt Earp
Location: When you go downhill in the beginning, there will be a knocked over tree lying across some rocks (if you reach the falling logs, you’ve gone too far). Walk up the fallen tree and you’ll find a hat nugget hanging on its end.

Nugget #2 – OK Corral
Location: Passing through the area with saw blades and runners, go down the ramp across the pond of water. There will be a building on the left side and a door you can open. Inside you will find a nugget in the form of a scroll.

Nugget #3 – Curly Bill Brocious
Location: This one you can get after entering the sawmill. After you get into a fight and a group of shielders come in, go to the left side of the building where you will find a ladder to access the roof. Here you will find a barrel and on top of it, a hat.

Nugget #4 – Johnny Ringo
Location: To the left of the sawmill are a set of wooden stairs and a walkway. Take the left walkway to come across a rocking chair with the nugget on it.

Episode #3

Nugget #1 – Vigilance Committees
Location: Near the beginning of the episode, you will find a tunnel that you can enter from the left road. Enter it from the right side and pass through it about half of the way through. You should find a crate with a nugget on it.

Nugget #2 – Bannak, Montana
Location: After entering the large mine, go down the ladders to the central platform and look for a scroll at the end of a wooden beam in the center.

Nugget #3 – Gold Rushes
Location: As you proceed through the mine, you’ll come to a room full of explosive barrels. In the left corner is a crate with a nugget of truth in it.

Nugget #4 – Henry Plummer
Location: Once you’ve left the mine, you’re instructed to take either the elevator or the ladder to ascend. Climb the first ladder and go left. Cross the rocks here to get to the wooden beam on the other side. You will find the hat on the very end of this beam.

Episode #4

Nugget #1 – Old West Revolvers
Location: After reaching the first camp, in front of the herd of cows, take out the enemies and you’ll find this nugget in front of the tent.

Nugget #2 – Old West Gambling
Location: After coming to the second camp, go up on the rocks to the right and you’ll find a lone tent. The nugget of truth is in front of it.

Nugget #3 – John Wesley Hardin
Location: Near the tent at the last nugget, you should be able to find a water tower and a windmill. Ascent the ladder next to the water tower and you’ll find a hat on the railing of the platform around it.

Nugget #4 – Wild Bill Hickok
Location: Once you return to town, enter the first alleyway to the right and you’ll come to a Blacksmith shop. On the far left corner of this shop is the hat sitting on a chest

Nugget #5 – Cattle Rustling
Location: Just before the hotel is a ladder you can climb on the corner of the building. Head on up and cross the beams to the next building. Now go to the lower roof to the left and jump over to the planks sticking out of the water tower. Hop over and climb up to find the nugget on the railing.

Nugget #6 – Bull’s Head Saloon
Location: Before entering the Saloon when you reach it, ascend the ladder to the right and jump through the open window. The nugget is inside on the dresser.

Episode #5

Nugget #1 – Native Americans
Location: After crossing the bridge at the start, enter the buildings to the left and you’ll see the nugget of truth on a shelf in the far building.

Nugget #2 – Grey Wolf
Location: When you get to the point when you’re in the red caves with torches, stay on the left route and you’ll enter a room with a lot of ammunition. The nugget will be on the left side.

Nugget #3 – Ray Mcall
Location: Before entering the Flooded Grotto take the tunnel to the right to come to a waterfall. The hat is sitting in front of the waterfall.

Nugget #4 – Native American Heroes
Location: After the ambush, when you get to the new path, look right to see this nugget on the ground before chasing after Grey Wolf.

Episode #6 – Part #1

Nugget #1 – Dime Novels
Location: Turn around and face the bar just as the mission begins to see this nugget.

Nugget #2 – Coffeyville
Location: When you enter the bank, go to the bottom floor to the cage. In a room to the side will be some safes. One of these has a scroll in it.

Nugget #3 – The Dalton
Location: When you enter the red house through the side door where The Daltons are holed up, look in the metal tub to the left side of the room to find the nugget sitting inside of it.

Episode #6 – Part #2

Nugget #1 – Black Bart
Location: After passing the sprouting oranges leaves go to the far end and make a right. Enter the small building on the other side of the slanted barn and to find a nugget sitting on the table.

Nugget #2 – Old West Steamboats
Location: When you’re in the swamp, and come to the steamboat, go up the ramp to the far right. Enter the building to the right of here and up the stairs to find a nugget in the form of a book.

Nugget #3 – The Gatling Gun
Location: On the second floor of the steam boat go to the far end to find this nugget on the ground at the front of the boat.

Episode #7 – Part #1

Nugget #1 – The Wilcox Robbery
Location: Cross the first train car and go to the two that are just ahead. Ignore the first and enter the second green car. At the far end you will find the nugget on the ground.

Nugget #2 – George ‘Flatnose’ Curry
Location: When you get to the point where you need to get off the train then back onto it, the next car will be full of explosive barrels. When you enter the train car you’ll find the nugget on top of a safe on the left.

Nugget #3 – Hole in the Wall
Location: Following the cut scene with the Pinkerton’s, proceed to the second train car to find this nugget in a cage on the left.

Episode #7 – Part #2

Nugget #1 – Butch Cassidy
Location: Take out the Wild Bunch at their camp and then search around the tent to the right to find this nugget.

Nugget #2 – Kid Curry
Location: When you reach the end of the bridge, you’ll be instructed to look for an alternate path. Go up the ladder to the right, cross over to the other side and take the ladder there down to a small platform where the nugget will be sitting on top of a crate.

Nugget #3 – Old West Railroads
Location: After extinguishing the fuse, return to the starting point and ascend the stack of boards to find the nugget.

Nugget #4 – Explosives and Dynamite
Location: After you find Kid Curry, there will be a wagon of dynamite with him. There is a crate to the right with a nugget in it.

Episode #8 – Part #1

Nugget #1 – Winston Train Robbery
Location: Upon arriving at the second train car and having a run-in with the armored shotgunner, you’ll find a safe to the left side. Open it to find the nugget.

Nugget #2 – Jesse James
Location: After the rewind, the first train car you need to climb, you can drop down inside of it and the nugget will be sitting on a crate behind you.

Nugget #3 – Jim Reed and Belle Star
Location: After Silas Greaves’ bathroom break, you’ll find the nugget just in front of you on a bale of hay.

Nugget #4 – The Pinkertons
Location: Reach the Gatling gun on the train after the logs, enter the first car and on the right side will be a poker table. The nugget is on top of it.

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