Call of Duty: WWII Zombies Mode Will Feature Doctor Who And Elektra

Sledgehammer Games is looking to take the Call of Duty franchise back to its roots with the upcoming Call of Duty: WWII. As the release is getting closer Sledgehammer Games has been revealing new details and as the reveal of Call of Duty: WWII Zombies mode is getting closer, the studio has revealed the actors that will be hamming it up in the zombies mode.

Keeping up the tradition of featuring Hollywood actors in its Zombies mode, Call of Duty: WWII zombies will feature Doctor Who actor David Tennant and Elodie Yung, known for playing Elektra in Daredevil. Tennant will play Drostan Hynd and Yung will play Olivia Durantin COD: WWII zombies mode.

Sledgehammer Games has also revealed that the Zombies mode will be based on true events. Given that Zombies are fiction one would assume that Sledgehammer Games to compromise on the historical authenticity to feature the hordes of undead. However, the studio intends to keep the authenticity even for the zombie’s mode.

Also, Activision has confirmed that the upcoming Call of Duty will not be coming to Switch. This would come as a disappointment to those who were hoping the game will launch for Switch.

Also, create-a-class system will be replaced with the Division system in Call of Duty: WWII. According to Glen Schofield, Divisions in Call of Duty: WWII will redefine how players become invested in the game’s multiplayer.

Call of Duty: WWII is a first-person action shooter in development at Sledgehammer Games and is scheduled to launch on November 3, 2017, for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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