Call of Duty WW2 Zombies Final Reich Guide

Call of Duty WW2 Zombies Final Reich guide to tell you about different aspects like how to turn on the power and complete pack-a-punch.

Call of Duty WW2 Zombies Final Reich Guide to help you learn all about turning on all Call of Duty WW2 Power Switches on The Final Reich map by finding all the Pressure Valves. It is recommended that you try to turn on Power in Zombies as soon as possible because it not only allows you to use Blitz Machines but also helps in the completion of the map’s elaborative Easter Egg.

Call of Duty WW2 Zombies Final Reich

In this Call of Duty WW2 Zombies Final Reich Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about Power Locations and Turning on Power on the map so that you can complete the Easter Egg and ensure your survivability.

How to Turn On Power

In order to turn on the Power in Zombies, you need to find 3 Pressure Valves. Once found, you need to hold the ‘Interact’ button until the dial reaches 60 and you see a ‘Green’ light. Before interacting with the Pressure Valves, make sure that the area is clear, as it can take a few seconds. Here are the locations of all 3 Pressure Valves:

  • Pressure Valve #1 – Left of the Armor Station in the Village Square
  • Pressure Valve #2 – Left of the Bunker Door in the Village Square
  • Pressure Valve #3 – On the Riverside, Down the Slope

Once you have managed to hit 60 on all 3 Pressure Valves, head towards the Bunker door in order to find a Grenade Turret. Interacting with the Grenade Turret will cause it to blow a hole in front of it with Pests oozing out of the hole. Deal with the Pests and jump into the Tunnel. After accessing the Tunnel, interact with the generator to open the gate behind you and access the Bunker for 1,250 Jolts.

 Salt Mine Door

This step essentially requires you to redirect power to the Command Room at 2 Power Stations. One of the Power Stations is in the Laboratories Room and the other one is at the Mortuary.

It is important to note that for this step, you are under a time-limit and must activate both the Power Stations as quickly as possible. Once done, you should be able to get the Salt Mine door in the Command Room for 1,500 Jolts. This should allow you to turn on the power and spread it all across the map.



Pack-a-Punch is an Easter Egg found in CoD WW2. It’s a station where you can update your weapons, increasing the amount of ammos you carry along with your weapons damage. Usually the weapon update costs 5000 Jolts. As for the ammos, it costs 4000 Jolts.

Now, to unlock this station, all you have to do is head to the sewers and find a room having a table caged in its center. Enter the room, press the button in front of the cage and start the activation of three disposal tubes which will take you towards three further buttons.

Once you’ve pressed all three buttons, you’ll finally unlock the Pack-a-Punch station.

Just make sure you have enough cash since each tube takes at least 250 Jolts to activate.

You’ll find the first tube in the Command Room near the Morgue door. The second tube is found next to the Tesla Weapon part, in the laboratory. As for the final tube, it’s in the Tower, at the left end area of this place.

The Right Hand of God
Behind the Tesla gun assembly device, there’s a breaker panel. Activation of this panel is necessary for initiating the next mission. Simply memorize the colors under the numbers of the panel. These colors will be the same (red, blue and green) but their orders will change every time.

A total of four switches are found on the map which should match the navigated color. If not, then the mission will restart. What makes this mission so difficult is the order of the panel along with the limited time.

This isn’t a one-man’s job therefore it requires two players to find all the switches. A part from that, make sure you keep moving on the left side of the wall once you’ve found the Second and Third Switch.

The first Switch is found at the right side of the breaker panel. Keep interacting with it till it matches the panel’s color. The second Switch is found near the Sewer line going into the Morgue.

The third Switch is near the Sewer line going into the River and the last Switch is found near the Tower’s entry, next to the Pub.

This mission doesn’t end here! After matches all the colors, three lightning rods will be activated on the Tower which are attacked by a wave of Zombies and it’s your task to defend them. Each of the Rods are activated after defending the previous one and once all of them are defended, return to the Salt Mines and activate the Right Hand of God.

Before defending the rods, makes sure you buy the Kugelblitz for 2000 Jolts as it helps killing the waves of Zombies and it’ll make the Rods Defense much easier.

The Left Hand of God
Zeppelin is a rigid airship found in CoD: WW2. This airship is found outside the Village. It drops a generator each time you hit the orange and red lights under it. Find the generator and charge it by killing zombies that come inside the radius of the red circle.

Once this generator is fully charged, it blows up and a battery is left behind. Grab the battery and take it to the Left Hand of God. Make sure to bring backup as it’s difficult to carry the battery and defend yourself from the enemies at the same time.

Repeat this task three times and find three batteries. However, the Zeppelin tries to take back its generator on the third attempt so you must shoot it down thus completing the process.

The Voice of God
After receiving the Zombie head from the Flamethrower Zombie, your next mission is to find four paintings. The use of this Zombie head comes when you’re finding the coordinates on the painting, as the head emits out a blacklight (hold L2) which helps you find these coordinates.

The first painting is found in the Morgue at the left of the stairs on the wall. The second painting is found next to the cage where you found the Pack-a-Punch upgrade station.

The third painting is located in the Courtyard outside where you found the seconds painting, near the river. The fourth and the final painting is just outside the entry of the Tower, in the Pub.

Remember the Zombie head used for showing the coordinates on the paintings? This is where it comes in handy. Use the head to reveal a Raven and a Roman numeral number (1-5).

You must remember each numeral number and return to the Salt Mines/altar room. The central device activates the final encounter if imputed accurately so, be careful.

Panzermorder Boss

There’s a hilt in the altar room, shoot it with the Tesla Gun and attract the boss. Remember, the hilt must be shot by all the players at the exact time. If properly shot, it will trigger a cutscene and the boss will spawn.

The best strategy here is to stay far away from the boss. Simply use the same tactics you used to get the generator. Hit the red light, charge the generator. Once the generator is charged, a battery will burst out.

Put the battery inside the boss by stunning your weapon and repeat this procedure thrice to end the Final Reich.

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