Call of Duty WW2 Season 2 Ranked Play Date Revealed, May Feature XP Rewards

Call of Duty WW2 will officially be opening its doors to Season 2 Ranked Play on February 1, just a day after the first season concludes its run at the end of the month. This gives the community just over a couple of weeks more to grind for the alluring seasonal rewards and other incentives to boast.

Posting on Reddit earlier today, studio co-founder Michael Condrey revealed that the development team is working to enable XP rewards for Season 2 Ranked Play. This is still something in development and while there is no concrete release date at this point, it should arrive sometime during this year.

“We’ve gathered a ton of player data during the Placement Season, and we’ve fixed a number of important bugs in Ranked Play since Season One started on December 1st,” Sledgehammer Games stated.

There are various other changes inbound for the competitive-loving crowd. These are currently planned to arrive in the next major update for Call of Duty WW2. This too has no precise release date for the time being. However, the developer has promised to unleash more information in the weeks to come.

Elsewhere, the month of January will see Twitch Prime reward its loyal subscribers with a new batch of exclusive content for Call of Duty WW2. This includes a Rare supply drop that features three random items, one of which is guaranteed to be Rare, and an Epic supply drop that functions similarly to the first.

Call of Duty WW2 is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. It surpassed $1 billion in global sales by the end of last year and helped the franchise to increase its streak by nine straight years in which it has dominated the regional charts of North America. The latest installment now holds a new record for the biggest console digital launch in the history of Activision.

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