Call of Duty: World at War Nazi Zombies Weapons Guide

Weapons are very important in surviving zombies in Call of Duty: World at War and best thing that can make you survive longer is the knowledge of strength and weaknesses of weapons available to you.

Call of Duty: World at War Nazi Zombies Weapons

There are two sources of weapons in Zombie mod The Mysterious Box and The Wall Weapons.

Mysterious Box
All the best weapons are available from mysterious box, drop 950 in it and it will give you one out of more then 20 weapons. The weapons like ray gun and Machine guns… All available here.

.357 Magnum
One shoot one kill, small six round clip, slow reload but better then the the one we start the game. Good Pistol but slow reload and small clip size make it at disadvantage in later stages of the game.

Medium damage not that powerful not that weak, Medium size clip and reload in pretty normal time, A medium range weapon, can do good as a back up if you haven’t got other options.

Deployable FG42
Powerful long range weapon , high rate of fire but small clip size and less accuracy make this weapon useless in the game. Not recommended.

Deployable Browning M1919
American machine gun, more accurate then other machine guns of its type, a very powerful weapon the one you desperately need to go to later stages of the game. Takes longer to reload, has a good accuracy and is very destructive.

Deployable MG 42
German Machine gun has quicker reload as compared to browning but is less accurate. Very powerful and destructive weapon, available in later stages of the game when you will not be concerned with accuracy that much and will be more concerned to kill 100 of zombies and in that case no weapon does better then a Machine gun so we are golden.

Double Barrelled Shotgun
Two shots and that’s it, slow reload, one shot one kill but loses its shine it later stages of game good to have as a back up but only use it if you don’t have any other options because most of the time to compensate for the long reload time in later stages you have to move around with zombies following you as you are reloading and then kill them one by one which ultimately gets you down.

Gewehr 43
Powerful killer in the early game rounds, has a high accuracy but sucks later on because it has a small clip size.

A bold action rifle, unscoped highly accurate and highly powerful, reloads faster then other bold action rifles. Fun to play with it in early game rounds but not in later stages cos it reload slower then other weapons available.

Kar98k Scoped
Longer reload time, takes too much time reloading, any scoped weapon is useless in zombie mod unless you are very good at assault with sniper and by very good a really mean very good.

M1 Garand
Small Clip size, longer reload time makes this weapon useless in later stages of the game but can be used normally in early game rounds.

M1 Garand With Rifle Grenade
Well another useless weapon, small clip size longer reload time and grenade attachment doesn’t help it either with low accuracy most of time launched grenade doesn’t hit the target even if it hits it doesn’t have desired effects.

M1897 Trench Gun
Excellent in early rounds but small clip size and slow reload make this weapon at disadvantage in later stages of the game but can sweep zombies of the windows pretty easily.

M2 Flamethrower
Grab an Insta kill use the flame thrower and finish all the zombies while you stand laughing but in any other circumstances flamethrower can get u killed just like that. Why ? because while under flames most of the zombies are reluctant to notice if anything has happened to them and that gives them enough time to kill or pin you down in other words.

Molotov Cocktail
always get Molotov cocktail if it comes cos it doesn’t replace any of your weapon but comes as a tertiary weapon. Molotov has’nt got much of effectiveness but when you have spent your money why go empty handed.

Mp 40
Fast reload and medium clip size make this sub machine gun a good weapon to have in the game. In later stages of the game it can be used as a back up weapon so its very important.

Powerful and accurate weapon, fast reload but whats the point in using a sniper rifle in zombie mode where zombies are 3 meter away from you so avoid it.

Ahm a good weapon if you know how to use it, Four Rockets very slow reload and other aspects of the game like close range combat make it a terrible weapon so only use it when you know you won’t be hurting yourself.

Ray Gun
Wanna complete the game? Pray you get the Ray gun. Small size, quick reload and replaces the pistol as a secondary weapon and can be used even when you are pinned down and waiting for revival by your friends all you can do is clear way for your friends. Very accurate and Powerful weapon one shoot many kills.

Sawed off Double Barrelled Shotgun with Grip
Shotgun can only be used as a secondary weapon or when you dont have any other choice as explained above it is very tricky to use the shotgun when zombies are following you. May be defend a window with it ? that’s all it has got.

Accurate but slow reload and slow fire rate makes it useless in later stages of the game. Springfield can hardly past 5 rounds so better avoid it.

less accurate not that powerful aspects of this gun make it not so wanted in the game but you can avoid few groups of zombie using this and it is arguably good at close range fights.

Accurate and Powerful weapon, small clip size but bearable due the accuracy and damage of this weapon. It can be an excellent back up weapon in any part of the game.

Walled Weapons
Mysterious box is ultimate source of good weapons in the game but you can also find few good ones hanging on walls. To avoid the disadvantage of random selection by mysterious box you can buy weapons of your choice from the walls.

Here are the weapons available from the walls:

Trench Gun———————1500
M1A1 Carbine——————600
M1 Garand———————-600
Scoped Kar98k—————–1500
Double Barrel Shotgun——–1200
Sawed off Shotgun————-1200

That’s all for now!

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