Call of Duty Warzone The Haunting Challenges Guide

Like other games, CoD Warzone is also having its spooky Halloween themed event. In this Call of Duty Warzone The Haunting Challenges guide, we will help you complete all the challenges and steps to get the reward that awaits you at the end.

Call of Duty Warzone The Haunting Challenges

The Haunting Challenges went live on October 19 for Warzone, so the players are wondering about how to complete these challenges. The Haunting challenges offer an exciting reward as well. The players are to complete nine Haunting challenges in Warzone.

The Ghosts of Verdansk

This is the game mode that you need to understand to complete the challenges. A fear meter is also included in this mode which is located at the bottom left corner of the HUD.

The fear meter is used to determine the level of fear in your Operator. The meter starts with zero initially, and then it rises as your fear level increases.

When the fear meter reaches the 50 mark, you will experience Hallucinations. At this point, keep yourself away from the frightful events to bring the fear meter down.

How to Get Ghostface and Donnie Darko Skins

The players can also buy Ghostface from Scream when the event goes live. Here is what the Ghostface bundle will offer you guys.

  • The Ghostface operator
  • A phone weapon charm that will be cordless
  • A watch called ‘Scary Hours’
  • An animated emblem and calling card
  • The finishing move known as ‘Violent End’, which can be performed by all the Operators.
  • Three legendary weapon blueprints (two ranged weapons and the ‘Ghost Blade’)

The following list shows what Donnie Darko bundle will include.

  • The Operator called ‘Frank the Rabbit’
  • Four epic-rarity items (a weapon charm, watch, emblem, and calling card)
  • The ‘Sky is Falling’ finishing move (performable by all operators)
  • Three legendary weapon blueprints (one sniper rifle, one SMG, and one assault rifle)

How to Complete the Haunting Challenges

Fire Stick M82 Blueprint – The players need to play 5 matches in The Ghost of Verdansk playlist to complete this challenge.

Frightening Watch – Once the players finish in the top 10 final placement with their squad in The Ghost of Verdansk three times, they can complete this challenge.

Respirator Charm – This challenge requires you to eliminate 10 enemy Ghosts in The Ghosts of Verdansk playlist.

Final Summons Emblem – While playing as your Operator in The Ghosts of Verdansk playlist, eliminate 10 enemy Humans to complete this challenge.

Bloody Knife Reticle – The requirement for this challenge is to eliminate 5 enemy Humans while playing as Ghost in The Ghosts of Verdansk playlist.

Murderous Mime Sticker – The players need to employ their Operator as a Ghost. To do so, collect 3 souls or perform a finishing move on a standing, crouching, or prone Human enemy.

Underworld Calling Card – You are required to reduce your fear meter by using 3 sacred Ground locations in The Ghosts of Verdansk playlist.

Prophecy Sticker – This challenge just requires you to answer 3 phone calls in The Ghosts of Verdansk playlist.

Tentacle Charm – One needs to experience three Hallucinations while having a full fear meter in The Ghosts of Verdansk.


On completing all the challenges in CoD Warzone, you will get a bonus reward. The reward is the LAPA Submachine Gun which is a new addition to the game. It is lightweight and easy to handle, so it is always a good choice for the players in an intense gunfight. The fire rate is a bit slower, but on the other hand, it offers high accuracy.

We hope that this guide helps you to complete all the nine challenges, so you can unlock the exciting LAPA SMG. Unlocking this SMG will surely improve your performance in the game

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