Call of Duty Warzone Season 2 Bunker Locations Guide

There are three new bunker locations and a very fascinating Easter Egg in Call of Duty Warzone that you will surely want to uncover. This Call of Duty Warzone Season 2 Bunker Locations guide contains all the locations of the new bunkers as well as information about the Easter Egg that might be giving a clue of Season 3.

Call of Duty Warzone Season 2 Bunker Locations

So aside from the Shipwreck’s location, three new bunkers have been added into the Call of Duty Warzone’s battle royale map. Here are the bunker locations:

Military Base Bunker
You can spot this one pretty easily form the drop location outside the Military Base. This new bunker is located right next to the buy station and there is quite a hefty supply of legendary blueprint. A clear indicator is the massive nuclear warhead at the peak of the silo.

Hills Bunker
There is a newly added Hill Silo in the southernmost building in Verdansk. There is quite a generous amount of supplies in the bunker and is in pretty secure location too.

The only setback to this bunker is that it is in quite a far-flung corner of the map, which is why it is not in the play circle most of the times.


Park Tunnel Bunker
The third and final newly released silo is located outside the Park area. This bunker is most secure because you can take the tunnels from the Park’s tall sculpture to get here.

Besides, the supplies found in this bunker are not as heavy and deadly as in others. However, you can have access to commonly used quality guns from here too.

Call of Duty Warzone Season 2 Bunker Locations

Nuclear Countdown Easter Egg
Time to uncover the fascinating Easter Egg! Basically, all of the newly added bunkers have something in common – Nuclear Warheads. Since the rumors of Verdansk’s destruction by a nuke have been spreading, these nuclear warheads in these bunkers might have something to do.

Moreover, as you will enter these facilities, you will notice a missile control station in the center of each facility. The control station is also displaying a rising percentage and a deadly “Danger!” symbol.

If the rumors are correct, these nukes might have something to do with the future of Verdansk.