Call Of Duty: Warzone To Add Loot-Filled Train, Open Stadium In Season 5

Call of Duty: Warzone has been rumored for the past couple of seasons to be opening up the large football stadium in the middle of Verdansk. That and of adding a train for the railroad tracks running through the port district. Both pieces of content were assumed to be part of the current, fourth season. They are now said to be part of the next, fifth season instead.

According to sources (via VGC) close to development, Infinity Ward has plans to open up the football stadium to give players access to the interior. While unconfirmed, players may perhaps be able to access a playing field as well. Whether some sort of access point will be added for players on the roof of the stadium remains to be seen.

Furthermore, Infinity Ward has plans to roll out a train as well that will continuously circle Verdansk. There will be two incentives for getting onboard. The train will firstly be loaded with loot and will secondly provide a quick means of transport from one point on the map to the next, which would be safer as well because unlike the regular vehicles, players boarding the train will not show up on the map for nearby enemies.

Verdansk was reportedly set to change in the fourth season with new locations and features as a way of connecting with the new Black Ops installment. Infinity Ward was rumored to be setting up a thematic event to pave the way to the new Call of Duty game, which incidentally is yet to be announced. The brief delay may perhaps be the reason that Infinity Ward has pushed the physical changes to Warzone to the next season.

Warzone will continue to be supported for future Call of Duty installments, meaning that the new Black Ops game will have Warzone as well. Activision wants to “bring players together seamlessly in one unified online multiplayer playground” instead of releasing multiple multiplayer games altogether.

Take note that the ongoing fourth season will conclude in about a month. Those who are playing still have plenty of time to level up their battle passes to unlock the assorted rewards.

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