Call Of Duty: Warzone Loadouts Are Bugged

Call of Duty: Warzone has birthed a new and rather frustrating bug where players completely freeze in their tracks while collecting a loadout on the map.

Taking to Reddit earlier today, one player on the receiving end of the said bug showed just how dangerous loadouts have become in the game. The footage confirms that interacting with a loadout can freeze the screens of players for a few seconds and leave them as sitting ducks for nearby enemies.

It should be noted that the loadout bug reportedly gets triggered most of the times but not every time. That still leaves a large amount of Warzone players who have already perished while trying to change their loadouts in-game.


Such game-breaking bugs are not new to either Call of Duty or the acclaimed Warzone mode. There was an invisibility bug just last month where players were being downed by supposed invisible enemies. There was also a Stim bug from earlier in the month which allowed players to hide out in the gas by using Stims as many times as they want, at least until the match ended.

Warzone has now been integrated with the new Black Ops Cold War installment, meaning that developer Raven Software is the one to address all such bugs and glitches. The developer however is yet to respond to the aforementioned loadout bug. With the weekend on the horizon, Raven Software should be assuring of a hot-fix that resolves the issue of players being unable to interact with fallen loadouts in the game.

Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War received a new update a couple of days ago and which may have caused the new loadout bug. That though remains to be verified.

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